Friday , September 30 2022

Domestic violence: Awaiting contract


The government in Graubünden wants, where possible, to implement intergovernmental measures in the field of domestic violence. He wants to make a decision after a national conference on the so-called Istanbul Convention, which is being held next week. This is what the government writes in its reply to the request of the SP Council of Julie Müller. Müller's initiative was signed by more than a quarter of the Canton Parliament Bündner.

Among other things, the role of the Confederation, cantons and NGOs in the implementation of the Agreement will be discussed at the National Conference on the Istanbul Convention. One thing, according to government, is the way in which cooperation between different stakeholders is formed.

Cooperation "launched"

In its response, the government is also addressing the role and activities of the Domestic Violence Coordination Unit in the cantonal social security office set up in 2015. Since its inception, the organization has taken awareness-raising measures and has also secured networking with national conferences. In addition, "the cooperation of the participating institutions and authorities has begun in the canton," the government writes.

Measures against domestic violence must be implemented according to the so-called Integral Approach. This means that, if possible, all government departments and institutions dealing with this issue should cooperate and be interconnected.

As part of this approach, the various cantonal police, prosecution, victim assistance, the Migration and Civil Law Office, the Child and Adult Protection Office, the Frauenhofer Foundation, the Correction Office, the Counseling Center for Violent Practices, the Cantonal Doctor, the Ministry of Education and the Equal Opportunities Office, "the government said. (See above)

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