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Hyper-tension can actually be reviewed with these games


High blood pressure exercise is only effective by Betty Blockers or ACE Infrastructure.

The game is healthy – this is the one who knows most people. Ensure sports can also get the same effectiveness on high blood pressure high risk. A International Investigative Team was found in a study with approximately 40,000 participants.

The comprehensive metallurgy analysis of 391 acute blood pressure studies in London's School of Economics and Political Sciences and Stanford University has shown that regular pond, swimming, bicycling and simple power training creates the same effect as Betty Block or ECE. – inhibitors. The results were published in the British Journal of Support Medicine.

Anyone who is constantly endurance can play similar effects on blood pressure in sports games such as Thomas, Feather or Bicycle Weight Weight Training. (Photo: Rido / fotolia.com)

Massacre disease

In Germany, every third adult adults have high transmission. According to the German High Commissioner, the country has affected 20 to 30 million people. Hyper tension considers a risk factor for many heart diseases. To avoid this, many people put on their feet every day. However, a recent study, there are other methods available: A combination of endurance and strength training is a way to reduce blood pressure and effectively provide medicines.

Naturally and effectively, look below

Research team 391 analyzed the study results in which 39 thousand 9 thousand participated. The result came to them that along with the training of simple power, as well as patience, cycling, walking or cycling, can reduce blood pressure as a result of weight loss or emphasis as current pressure to blood pressure To reduce

Medication should be stopped without any option

In particular, patients do not like to take regular medicines, the game can be cured right. However, researchers stressed that no one should have to hammer his hip-tension designer. Because in games, only tablets apply: just maintain regular protection. Of course, by this way blood pressure should be continuous.

Sports game

"We do not think that patients should stop using their natural medicines in the study of their studies," study principal doctor. An Hussein Sindhi Press of California in New York City of Economics. Nay, results should serve to improve sports, reduce blood pressure. For example, sports can be determined by the doctor. Then it will be followed to control compliance and health effects. Only those patients benefit from this condition.

How many people do not know about their hypertension

High blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack or stroke, as well as increase risk of developing viscular dysiaia. The dangerous thing about hyper-tankation is that it does not give any symptoms. Many people do not panic their illnesses. This is because Hyper Tension is also called "silent killer".

Dietary fiber also reduces blood pressure

Despite sports, fiber can help reduce blood pressure in a natural way. Like the food fiber blood blood pressure, the German research team has been influenced by a more recent German research team than a blood pressure, which is recently published for the study of "Uncleatmasters Berlin" published in "Circular". (Vb)

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