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iOS: Apple offers the perfect complement to the company

Team cookApple has accused Corellium of copyright infringement.Justin Sullivan / Getty

Apple filed a lawsuit against Corellium last Thursday. The company creates a virtual version of the Apple iOS operating system in Apple's web browser so users can test security issues.

The lawsuit, filed in the Southern District of Florida and first reported by Bloomberg, Apple, is alleged by Apple to be a breach of copyright rights for Corellium.

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"Corellium's business is wholly based in the application, application and other Apple device-based copywriting operating systems and unauthorized copying of applications," it alleges. Apple points out that Corellium has no license from Apple.

"There's no reason for Corellium to sell a product that could make you a perfect copy of Apple devices.

In its privacy statement, last July in Corellium, the last proposal states that "respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects our users to do so".

Apple can't do "economy security research".

Like many large technology companies, Apple promotes white hat hacking, where hackers find common product codes and then report them. Apple runs it with cash prizes, for example, the company announced a $ 1 million (901,600,600) reward for a person who can hack an iPhone in a certain way.

Avoid pursuing "any reputable safety investigation" as stated in your applet against Corellium. However, Apple claims that Corellium markets it for other purposes. "Corellium does not detect harm, but does sell its customers at the highest bid of all the information it can open." The company says.

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In one example, Apple points to a tweet by the official Corellium department, who wants to buy "mutual aprons" on eBay, which have ended in a certain way. This allows users to download apps that are not authorized by Apple.

Apple calls attention to a security company called Azim's Corellium. "Azmut's customers have been informed that foreign intelligence agencies are involved," Apple claims, an article from last year's news page called "Motherboard."

Apple and Corellium did not comment on the claim on the business insider's request.

This article has been translated by Claudia Saatz. You can read it here.

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