Sunday , December 5 2021

"Iron man" who wants to stop the conscience of Alstum and Siminus – Peter Spieler – Switzerland


For the Donald Trump, she is just the "European Tax Woman." She is sometimes called "Frozen Lair" or "Iron Disposable" in Brussels. One thing is clear: the Union Controller Martyrt Westter has acquired a great reputation. There is no problem in getting the largest number of Danish Social Label Businesses worldwide. Current examples Semin and Alstom. Industrial groups meet their railway lines and can create a company that could harm the Chinese CRCR Group, the world's largest training industry. The purpose will be to establish a "railboy" or "airbox rail" establishment.

But Vestager is set to disconnect the integration. The vistor said that in some areas of the conscience market of both companies, a major position would be to create a significant position, such as high-speed railway, which will bring prices on the price of the railway. China's argument does not want to accept it. The CRRC is far beyond the bar in the European market.

Siminas and Alomom have tried in the past few months to retrieve the European Commissioner. For example, outside of the ICS-makers and TGV train signaling equipment was licensed to licensor to the Trainer family of Vancouver. However, it is a possibility that they can burst their conscience. According to the financial fines time, it has been decided. Last week, the poor could tell the public.

Siminus Bass, who has been Kaeser, is often very disappointed with these implications. On the last Sunny CMSM's misconduct, he indicated that this fact does not expect conscience. Kaeser: "It is Successful to be Successful. We will not look at any cost." It is now interesting to see whether the future of mobilization in Europe is "backward looking technologies" or "growing European" In Twitter, it was instantly written: "It is technologically, if you are correct in technology, but everything is wrong for Europe."

For many subscribers, after the power struggle, the question arises now, since 1990, the European Law Law remains still in historical times. The US President, Douglas Trumpp's "America's First" policy and China's economic expansion, could not have any specific point of the European sole market.

For European investment of Siemens and Ultimately, the rejection of at least conscience plans should be a good news news. It includes Swiss Trainer, former SPP National Council, Peter Spieler's Steiner Rail. However, the stallenger could not agree to submit the rail "railways" to the project.

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