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Land Rover Defense: Outback

Land Rover defense costs just under 50,000 euros. © Land Rover

Land Rover Defender is back. At the International Motor Show, SUV College attracted a lot of reviews.

Real stereotypical icons have become rare in the fast-moving world. The most shocking was the loyal fan base of the English original Land Rover Defender in January 2016 and the last example of the square SUV mourned.

The Jeep and GP Class of Mercedes from Mercedes were now the last true routes, which still have a very modern way of life. The end of the guard, which failed to meet stringent EU standards and union pedestrian safety rules, ended a 70-year-old chapter in Atikowski history.

The guard is completely removed

It can be written on now. In the EAA, the defense's latest offspring are shiny, fully formed and can still be recognized as legitimate positions at first glance. Of course, the head of the rebellious head, of course, the boldness of the virginity standing with the extreme twin of the body, of course, with the stomp round the outside carriage. All the scenery of nature boys, which should also feature the life itself. Although a tourist makes it clear that this car is not too steep mountain, no one gets down and is dirty even with hard water. In addition, the new One has the standard to always give its progenitors – the guard can now even take the road.

Enrollment in defense has become more advanced. Photo: Land Rover

Macy Cross, head of development for Chassis, explains: "The real defender is fun, but the drawback was that. We wanted them to lose the victims to the fun." The area was where most of the wealth was. The rest was alien on the long, paved road, thanks to the low antique frame and stiff axis, with tight pumps with loud pumps and loud noises and cloud noise and uneven seats in the not-so-solid suspension road.

With an aluminum body on the way

The protector now uses an autonomous aluminum body, which has been specially developed for use in tough terrain. Thanks to the electronic controller, being able to adjust any level of air suspension, the movement of the clock should be 500 times per second and the ideal suspension setting. In daily use on daily routes, the Briton should discover the same comfort as other Land Rover models, for example.

A look at the reflection of modern-day technology reveals the specifics of new defensive features. Air suspension can increase the clearance of land in a rough region by up to 14.5 cm, reaching about 30 cm. 2.3-ton boats mattresses and hoods up to 45 degrees. A two-phase transition case, locking a surface rail device with the help of a linear center option and dirty running in a deep-moving snow or desert rail.

New twist for water parks

This is usually done automatically, but drivers can also be controlled through the tube screen. There is a special method for transferring water in the more advanced system of the proposed system: if it is set to enable active, thermal and ventilation air circulation, the air-cooled door increases and the protector is maximized and centrally monitored. On, the driver is informed about the water depth. This amount can increase up to 90. Upon arriving at the beach, the system automatically drys the birch for a short time and cleans your windows.

Due to the strict environmental requirements at the European level, defense will have to offer such hostility and dives. But there are several closed-door practice areas where future owners can use it without penalty. In the meantime, the guard should prove himself on the highways, highways and safe areas in the city. To launch next spring, the seven-seater version will have "110" direct three meter wheelbase and 5 meters of height, including rail cars mounted on spare wheels. The smallest defender should be greater than 90 (lower shakebase 44 cm)

The entry level version followed shortly

Internally, digital has reached the current outlook. The most commonly known system of systems can be ordered. The central 10-inch monitor is completed behind a digital, programmable 12.7-inch steering wheel.

Offering a 360-degree view of the eyes of the camera breeds, in off-road operation, the concealer can be hidden directly to the front of the vehicle. Even the ordinary interior does show what camera picture behind the car on the mirror button. Of course, the Protector is always online, which can be opened or closed without any app at all.

Interior ideas in the home

Land Rover Defense: Now for the water to cross as well. Photo: Land Rover

Interior designers don't bother with good ideas. So between the front seats is the emergency seat. If you don't need it, the backrest is cut and the harness works, which has more storage companies and two powders. The delicate carpet, where the peasants' swords are placed on the underside of the railway floor, is at the top of the door frames so that the remains of a passenger can be found in the dimly lit areas.

Engine range between 200 hp and 400 hp includes two petrol and diesel engines. Composed with the three-liter six-cylinder petrol engine is a renowned new hybrid, turbo in addition to an electrically powered compressor. A 48 watt vector powered by a starter generator also powers the engine. Hyundai will be adding a plug-in with rechargeable electric motor next year. The consumption value (between 7.6 and 10.2 liters per 100 km) is measured according to DLPTV and the old NFC standard has been replaced. Prices start at 49,700 euros (three door guards 90) and 55,600 euros (Pan Durban Defender 110). (Sp-x)

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