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Loss of money or miracle broadcasts? Cancer Disease Victim! So are the harmful dietary supplements

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Are dietary supplements really healthy?

Are dietary supplements really healthy? Image: AdobeStock / Art

To prevent illnesses, more and more people in Germany supply. But how healthy are the facts? Are they damaging our health?

More and more people rely on dietary supplements. According to the Food Association, the year 2018 225 million packages have been sold in this country. But are they quite straightforward?

Can Static Therapeutics Prevent Illness?

However, studies have suggested that dietary supplements are of no benefit to preventing disease, the German Gastroenterological Society,
Digestive and metabolic disorders (DGVS) in a communication. Developments in the Journal of Nutrition in 2017 included one of the most comprehensive studies on the benefits of dietary supplements. A total of 290,000 participants from 49 scientists were evaluated for various studies. The result: vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, magnesium, selenium or zinc supplementation is also present. In addition, 3 fatty acid capsules do not have a positive effect on the prevention of diseases such as cancer or heart disease. Rotation yet. Extra nutritional counseling still lives on. Other studies come to the same conclusion.

Are dietary supplements harmful?

"In some studies, there are small positive effects for dietary supplements, professionals," says the risk, which must be compared. "Med. Jجنrgen Schölmerich, a gynecologist. Long-term use of such preparations can harm your health. For example, high doses of vitamin A supplements (more than 25,000 days) can increase the risk of cancer. In smokers, beta-carotene supplements should also increase the risk of developing cancer, and therefore, dietary supplements and medications should never be taken without consulting doctors.

Here, doctors recommend dietary supplements

"The advertisement claims that everyone needs an additional dose of health and vitamins or minerals to maintain function." Schölmerich says. For certain groups, such as pregnant women or women, recommend certain recommendations. "If you want to keep yourself healthy and fit, you need to focus on a balanced diet and proper exercise and, most importantly, take care of the safety test," Schölmerich continued.

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