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Negative Interest Rate: Wealth gets a little saved on that

Such images make up the bank chiefs: they line people up to the outskirts that don't go out. Storm customers stand on the street.

On October 4, 1991, as a terrorist: after a forced shutdown, small savers raised funds to release savings and debt funds to redistribute their funds.

Or when the euro became a matter of at least after the exchange rate. At that time, in January of 2015, thousands of Swiss border crossing branches switched to strong French for a slow European one.

Today it's not about bank failure or exchange rate. Nonetheless, the administrators of the bank move their hands without turning back and forth. And at home, consumers are worried about consumer accounting and compensation. Negative interest: This word gets into terror.

The central bank has a hand in it

The Swiss National Bank (SNB )'s basic interest rate today is at least 0.75% (see chart). This is still lower than in the European Central Bank. However, the ECB will be further charged with interest rates on Thursday.

Just one week later, SNB President Thomas Jordan (56) is on the truck. Experts expect the National Bank to raise its negative interest rate. The bank should then take the money from the bank. The bill is collected by the customers.

"The negative interest rate for small savings will be very high," said a senior manager of one of the largest Swiss banks in LOOK. The big question: which banks broke this taboo for the first time?

Another head banker says: "The room for a bank is not too big." Another says: "Negative interest rates are a big problem for us. There is a lot of pressure to keep him short."

«Negative interest rate has strong signal effect»

Closed out the door, bank advisors suggest old customers, but there's a huge micro on the account. They don't give much cash.

Inequitable: These statements by banks do not come from small institutions, but from financial janitors, Credit Suisse, USB and Rafisian, Migros Bank or Post Bank People Bank. The top officials surveyed do not want to read their names in the newspaper.

There is a big fear that the customer will withdraw their money to the board and switch banks. It says expert benjaminos (38). "At least a few thousand French Swiss bank customers can be considered on interest-rate calculations," said Minaland, managing director of the financial competition platform. "Only zero interest has a higher symbolic effect on the savings account. There is still more emphasis on negative interest."

Also in the range of 250,000 French pains

A big question is, the extent to which negative interest rates are introduced.

It is the same Prime rate – and It's because he's negative

The basic interest rate is set by the Swiss National Bank (CNB) and defines the interest rate at which commercial banks borrow money from SNB. With a basic interest rate, the National Bank manages monetary policy and seeks, among other things, to influence the Swiss franc. In particular, forfeiting the French against the euro or the US dollar.

Since January 2015, the main interest rate in Switzerland has been negative, 0.75% per minute, after the decline of the minimum exchange rate. This means that commercial banks do not lend money to lenders, but to investors. In particular, if the international park parks a lot of money with CN, they will have to pay a penalty for tax deductions. Thanks to negative interest rates, SNB took longer than CNF last year.

Basic interest rate public interest rates have a major impact on Switzerland. Many interest rates, such as savings and mortgage rates, are governed by changes in basic interest rates. Christian Kolb

Negative interest rates have long ceased to pay only relief money in Switzerland. In Graubündner Kantonalbank, customer accounts with 250 & & # x20AC; & # x2122; s Franks are already burdened with negative interest. The list of these banks has been around for a long time, which is interested in penalizing its usual customers.

Today the cash is collected on almost all clients. For example, account management fees. "The fee feeder is already lost," says the money expert. The bank can now only introduce additional fees, "on other accounts, for other services. Or on avoidance accounts."

A bank manager sees that his institute likes negative clubs to be more pleasant than competing with the usual kit.

Diamond Schweizer soon made more money at home?

Honest, in front of a storm of customers, bank assets on the bank of their home.

A clue to this: Banks are already finding that their cash withdrawals will only worsen the worst of the year. Customers bring home unused savings to reduce their property tax deductions. The tax due date is December 31.

In early January, banks were again finding that cash inflation was increasing. "If people are trying to save people a few thousand bucks – do they only cost negative interest?" Blake is reported to have been talking to Blake.

The next few weeks are important

He does not wait for an answer. As a precautionary measure, banks should include more reference limits in their contracts. But it may already be delayed until those changes take effect.

Or it works the same way as it did in Zurichnantonbatak. ZKB did not specify a fixed amount, said spokesman Patrick Freddy, of which negative interest is a must.

Meaning: There are decisions made individually and for each individual, pay a negative interest. "Negative interest rates are continually reviewed based on market conditions, and should be adjusted, if possible or necessary," says Ferrelli.

Extreme pressure can be built on the front of the growth rate, which will cause the edges on the bank to react in some way. And what can a little boy do? They are free against the introduction of negative interest through the bank of their home. Experts from Manitou advise Mines: Most more, change often – as long as other conditions are valid.

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