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New Learning: Getting in the weight is pretty normal – then you can compete

As people age, many people struggle to maintain their weight. Many problems are known: Even those who do not eat too often, do not compare to them, are not likely to lose weight.

Gaining weight is also due to age-related changes in the body, researchers at Sweden's Karolinsk Institute have now found.

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Third, decrease with age. As a result, body weight gained easier, the researchers found in the study, which is now published in the journal Nature.

Researchers studied fecal cells of 54 women and men over an average of 13 years. They found that at present, all participants in the major loss of apps in TOS were reduced. It doesn't matter if they lose or not.

What's more interesting:

This means that the lipids have been removed from the cell and stored over time.

20% weight loss

It was noteworthy that participants, who did not compensate for this physiological change by reducing the calories, gained weight. On average, up to 20 percent.

In addition, the researchers' focus is on the lipid metabolism of 41 women whose postoperative surgery was reduced.

Scientists found that only one group was able to maintain weight loss seven years after surgery: those heads had lower lipid levels than surgery. Researchers believe that they had more room for good metabolism than women with high levels of pre-metabolism of fatigue.

What's more interesting:

"This result demonstrates for the first time that the processes in our adipose tissue are independent of other factors in the process of modulating body weight changes," says Professor Peter Arner, of the Karolinsky Institute of Karolinsky Institute. General Chat Chat Lounge

Erre: "Being open to completely new ways of treating overweight."

Thus, the new study provides further evidence that physical activity and exercise help to increase and accelerate lipid transformation in lipid tissue. This therefore affects the weight. Not only – but also – in old age.

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