Sunday , July 3 2022

Non-profit gift for 4300 employees


Take a look at the BHC 4300 employees because their account looks up. They were received twice a year. It's all caught up.

This gift has not been done just before Christmas: Insurance Deva, a few days ago, has played twice a wage in Switzerland for 4300 jobs.

Finance and insurance industry is known for a slow salary, but such austerity will not be on the AA Mas Agency of Aga Management. "Of course, we immediately wrote all the employees for the sinners and forgive," said Spokesperson Lauren Hanger.

How much has been increased, Hennifer says. "Feroz-Inzerer" says that each employee can assume an Orthodox average annual salary of 80,000 fonts: "AAA may add extra 340 million frames" OUT.

340 million files?

Anyone who calculates here, though, will be surprised. This amount seems to be very high, which is used by Twitter on Twitter as Service Rider from Rafael Beller.

In fact, correct the number of tag-insertion: its website is reported because it's only a record of 28.6 million francs.

The wages of the wage should be the same as "error on the interface" in the home bank. What problem is wrong, so the patient still wants to explain.

Whenever 4300 employees are concerned, they will surely be gifted.

He has liked this administration. Or you keep it twice. It has been reversed from the salary of the employee. Or: "Employment in this year eliminating the amount," Agha's spokesman Hizzez said. (Uro)

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