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Olma 2021: Moderators have made positive results


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220,000 people brought back the long-lost Olma mood – the organizers found a positive balance after the eleven-day trade fair operation

Olma and Autumn Festival are in the light version this year. Hey, Sunday, the big event is drawing to close. The organizers and the City Police provided a positive balance.

Olma Miley

Olma Miley

Photo: Benjamin Manser

After eleven days of running the Trade Fair, those responsible for Olma are completely satisfied with the big ceremony: “Preparation in a short time was a challenge for everyone, with many uncertain situations. Anyway, all these efforts have been “done in the last eleven days,” referenced Fair Manager Manuela Ferrer in a message to the organizers on Sunday afternoon.

In 2019, the Swiss trade fair for agriculture and food attracted around 360,000 visitors. This year, those responsibilities were expected to be around three thirds of that number. With 220,000 tourists, Katrin Meyerhans, head of trade fairs at Olma Mason St. Gallen, is very satisfied:

The positive feedback from the exhibitors and tourists shows that the support of SAFE involved in organizing OLMA has been overwhelming.

The exhibitors, however, especially appreciated the desire of the tourists to purchase. And for Olma Mason St. Gallen, the successful implementation of Olma is not only important and important for the mentally challenged, but it also has a positive impact on the financial situation, says director Christine Bolt.

Corona tests less than expected

To access the exhibition grounds, people 16 and older had to present a valid coding certificate. Thanks to this solution, it was possible to operate a commercial space without any safety measures, such as mask requirements or distance rules. Test facilities were also available in the Breitfeld, St. Faden train station and directly on the exhibition grounds. However, the demands of the test remained this beyond expectations, the organizers wrote. Nearly 1,000 tourists a day benefitted from the offer.

The St. Glenn City Police are also positive they give a positive balance

Three missing, er, 5 violations of 3G rules and approximately 30 bucks for public urine: during this year’s Olma and the Treasury Fair from October 7 to 17, police have to make minimal interference from Corona for much of the year. Had. One reason was that the number of visitors decreased. The city’s police St. Gallen is why they have a positive balance. “There were no major incidents,” St. Rose City Police said, which is why they provide a positive balance. «Our impression was that it was a peaceful Olma. This assumption also supports the number of incidents, which have dropped significantly compared to previous years, “said Clovis-Theater Mennell, media spokesman for the City Police on request.

There is a slight shock and three missing arches

It had to interfere over dozens of times over disputes. “There was an isolated attack, especially by adult males. This has resulted in ost dog and small unit fighting today, ”Mennell says. However, there were no incidents with serious injuries.

The City Police have also received that there are no reports of total property damage. One recent incident: “Unidentified heroes found three sheets of fair ground stalls cut on Sonnenstrasse,” Mennell says. During the eleven days, three children were reported missing. Inside and handed over to relatives or fellow people – until the last Olma Day, on Sunday, with the city police and major accounts unaccounted for. Is the spirit of. “

Alleged incidents due to neglect of 3G regulation

Bring 3G regulation to Spelteriniplatz in Lunapark, as at the Olma Hall. Coded certificates are checked by the security service personnel upon entry. There were five incidents with people who were out of control and wanted to enter Luna Park on a rampage. “In the case of some 3G tions, the Security Service notified the City Police, who recorded personal details,” Mennell says. By the end of Olma the people were acu.

St. Glenn City Police also found a positive balance in the traffic area. There were parking lots in Brettfield and a low ded rail in the St. Fadn Freight Yard. In the wake of the crime, fewer buses were issued for wrong parking every day than in the wrong times of 2019. (Stopwatch / alarm / alarm)

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