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Pregnant Helen Fisher was teased by fans on the plane!


This action is a pk in the face of Helen Fisher. Intermittent fans worsen the flight of pregnant women.

Essentials briefly

  • Helen Fisher is six or seven months pregnant.
  • The pop singer doesn’t want to make her baby bump happy.
  • Now strong fans still want to take a look at it.

The incident breathes “breathless” nods to the singer’s voice. On the flight from Berlin to Cologne, Schlagarkin was annoyed by fans intercepting Helen Fisher (37), reports the Austrian news portal “Hewitt”.

The fans were clearly fond of Fisher’s Baby Bump!

According to insiders, Taitrop Walker’s partner Thomas Seattle (36) is already pregnant, either seven or seven months old. So a patent should already appear, a picture of it can bring thousands of francs to business-minded fans.

Helene Fischer insists on privacy

For Helen Fisher, her fans act like a betrayal. The beautiful German Russian rooster actually wants the sole of her pregnancy happiness.

When an acquaintance described the pregnancy in the media without her consent, Fisher wrote on Instagram quickly: “Unfortunately, a message was revealed that we would have liked to have left a little more personal for ourselves.

And the singer shared an awful lot of fear that has now come true: “We will probably start reading for now. Fisher appealed for his right to privacy.

do you want to be famous?

Actually, her fans are currently getting their money’s worth even though Baby Bump Pictures. It wasn’t until Friday that Helen Fisher released her new album “Fury.” On Saturday evening, he gave a private insight into the ZDF documentary.

From the beginning of November to the latest, pregnant joy can finally be seen alive and in color. With Thomas Gottschalks (71) “Waitin, Das …?” Returning, she will be sitting on the sofa. In fact, the chart-topper wanted a good news announcement for him.

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