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Sarah Lombardi: "I just love you!" Petro-loving love bombs

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Sarah Lombardi is a new patent.

Sarah Lombardi is a new patent. Image: Deep

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That was a surprise. Sarah Lombardi returns to the music and performs in a new song "I Just Love You". On his side: a true Peter. The fans are not surprised.

For years they've been dreaming about a German talent scene: Pietro and Sarah Lombardi. The start of the eighth season show of the eight-series "Two Spa Starr like Disneyland", the two finalists fell in love, with the rest being a part of American Idol history. He was married, the birth of the typical child Eliseo, effective separation of the media in public, and eventually divorce.

Sarah Lombardi and Pietro Lombardi on "Das Supertalt" and DSD

In addition, the waves have receded, Petro Lombardi is out for 2018, jury at the table "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" next to Dieter Bohlin, Sarah Lombardi will be George for the first time in 2019 RLL Show at "Das Superdell", Here, the lockers seem to be alienating the property. Incidentally, both former DSDS candidates have tried to find music along the way. With a variety of successes. "Severity" (2017) and "Phenomenal" (2018) make it to the top of the chart, after placing "Macarena" and "Blade" in third place.

Sarah Lombardi does it again with a patent

So his ex-wife Sarah could not be Lombardi. His last single "Right Here" hit # 31 on the market, with the album "Back Me" not rising above 18. Maybe the hole needs Pietro on his other side? And it is true that she is now consumed. Yes, you are right! Sarah Lombardi does the music again with Pietro. Of course, not half of it with Pietro Lombardi but with Pietro Basel, as the two artists make the announcement on their Instagram account.

Sarah Lombardi sings with Pietro Basile: "I just love you"

Two records of the song appear to be "I Only Love You". A great person who thinks badly. On September 13th, works will be on the market, so fans will have to wait patiently. However, Sarah Lombardi seems to be really happy: "Be challenging … something special is coming soon". Maybe she pushed the old Pietro with her new one.

Can't you see the Instagram video? Click here and click here.

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