Thursday , September 23 2021

The ball fell on the branch

Five yards were fired on Saturday in a laggard in Laggintal VS. They had three children. They left the graves.

Five villagers were shot on Saturday in the Vitaligalil in the area of ​​Symbols. In addition to animals alone, Akal was alone on the one alone because his career was not left behind, "reports Waler Boo."

On November 30, the left-handing of Oberosus of animal renovation has received a message from Bacchan, writes the club on the Foundation. Both the organizations, together with the community gym and the Veterinary Office, had repeatedly asked for a week to take care of animals. But without success

"The owner of the pet has become aware of many times since the fall of October and has been given an altercation. Nothing has happened," Ruff Gibrer confirms the head of the Gondage Zoologenburgh of Agriculture, standing on the visas. is the. Happiness said that she did not want to know anything about this animal. "This person was kept in paradise as an alphirt, and he brought his five Jacques, because he was not asked for this," Grebrer says.

Gossip to save bully

"If the carriers are unable to follow their animals after the morning, then they are unable to follow it, ultimately reducing the downside of the community community under the protection of animals and animal protection." The old veteranser, Aryechwich Mayor, is called "Walrassar Rassoul".

Due to the weather and attempts to catch the animals, the two adolescent and three year old boring boungers decided to kill the stereorzes to protect them from destruction. "The shooting of Bakery in Longmillal" has been considered as the end of the last option, "Krychicher says," he says, "no one is responsible for leaving a goalkeeper and there is no responsibility in firing." "

The fact is that the peasants do not choose their animals from the alpes, unfortunately it is time consumed, Raf Gibber said. Grants now expect the treasure. What still leaves are still clear, not yet clear. "We will explain more clearly within the scope of our imagination and take appropriate steps, which may possibly move the animals into ban." A. Rick Krachmier says. Although with the result of crime, hunters should expect some situations. (Mankind)

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