Saturday , May 21 2022

10/17 CITIC VS Weiquan One Game This, Zheng Ren made a start, sending three on three with two strikeouts – CPBL


  1. 10/17 CITIC VS Weiquan played in one game, starting with Zheng Rain, sending three up and three strikeouts.CPBL
  2. [CITIC برادرز ايٿانٽ بمقابله وي Quanlong]Chinese Professional Baseball Live, 10/16 Free Live Online Watch, Brothers and Athletes live on Twitch-2021.Apple wheat (HK)
  3. 10/16 CITIC VS Weiquan Opening Ceremony of Baseball Magician Xu Shengming, 85 Back Numbers Commemorative Gory Medal Before GameYahoo Sports
  4. 10/16 Fubon VS Unified EssenceCPBL
  5. [فوبن ٽائٽنس بمقابله اتحاد لائينز]Chinese Professional Baseball Live Broadcast Line Online Today, 10/17 CPBL Second Half Season Online Broadcast-2021Apple wheat (HK)
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