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AoM: The main ruler of the main 350, which makes it difficult for Taiwanese merchants to demand.

H / MK: The main competitor is the M503, which makes it difficult for Taiwanese merchants to return home.

ترجم The spokesperson for the Maryland Affairs Council, Qiu Zhihong, said at first that the timing is the original assembly of M503, which makes it difficult for Taiwanese businessmen to return (Photo / Reporter Chen Hangzi, 2018.02.01). In response to the one-sided implementation of the mainland's route to the M503 dispute route, Macau spokeswoman Kie Chengzheng held a press conference at the first press conference saying the mainland was unhappy with the negotiations and that the two land airlines were initially open for Chinese New Year's Day. Having a one-sided tummy of early-onset flights can lead to difficulties for Thai travelers returning home. Lu's concern is for fan skeptics and Taiwanese merchants. The return of Taiwan and the prospect of a return to China head on. "Our position is very strong and clear. The M503 is an issue of Fine and Goo on the way, and should be subject to technical advice by the Equity Society. The organizational structure of the storm surge seasonal organizations was confirmed and the presence of planes from the time of the Spring Festival of the year was confirmed. Since both sides can adjust the opening time of Spring Mail Football Timeline, the cause of the Fayan Air Traffic Control issue affects the rights and interests of the public lives, and Lu Fang refuses to negotiate with us? Qi Chang Zheng said that Lu Fang did not negotiate with me and approved the request for a timeline, but it was not a return to Tianjin merchants and people's homes. It was to blame on our side. Lufang's statement had been completely confused. Qi Changjiang pointed out that people's eyes are sharp, and whether this controversial event can be solved, is an indication for Taiwanese people to examine the future direction of risk relations. We once again appealed to the mainland to preserve tight-lipped peace and stability relations between the two sides of the mainland. The land must take necessary steps to prevent this from taking place and to continue the fermentation.

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