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Enhance the latest model of a nasty timer Wiggy Wan to wear with "One-handed Knife King"! – News – China Times News

In the 1970s, Hong Kong's film circle, the show's martial arts star Wang Yu, was best known as the representative of the wave of martial arts, titled "One-handed knife king." The US Index also published a cover film on the film's website "Screenshot". Wang Yu is the world champion of "big screen death", which is the biggest performance of the year, this year the 76-year-old has won two, this has been a mystery for four years and the Golden Horse Award has been announced. General Chat Chat Lounge She is the winner of this year's Life Time Achievement Award, however, she was not particularly honored about her attendance. Wang Yu's second daughter, in her face, said that she was "happy and sad" and eventually reflected her father's current situation. I can never eat and speak well, and the state is suffering.

Wang Yu was chosen as the winner of the Golden Horse Award for the Lieutenant's Success Award, though he impressed with a second stint in 2015 and was re-inducted into the race. He is no longer fit. He is now the second daughter of fan Wang Giulio. Ignoring Wang Yu's latest situation, he said that since his father's stall, he is on Father's Day every single day. "One and a half years ago, I lost a father and a father." It is clear that Wang Yu is not angry. I don't have food, I'm west, but I think that 8 years ago when I was fit once, I refused to recover or escape from the hospital. Today's Wang Yu is a wheelchair. Day and night, someone needs to take care of and feed the old man. "

Due to his personality and uneasiness, Wang Yoo, the former hotelier, was very much expected that in all sorts of ways, he tried to treat her differently, but Wang Yu never spoke, and he didn't know what. He has a clear mind, but why he was, and Wang Giulio's heart prevailed over time. I have thoughts of sovereignty and free will, I dare not think that if my father is awake, I will become like you. According to his mood, I have to bite my girlfriends and friends around me. "This is the beginning of my nightmare."

After Wang Yu's illness, Wang Giulo was between the family and the hospital, when he was a child, he feared his father's bad temper and maintained a multifaceted and segregated relationship between his father and daughter, or his responsibilities. Or because of compensation, he needs to see his father. Fixing each other's relationships and letting them sit: "Without your silence, our father and daughter would not have had such an opportunity. I'm sure of that."

I was afraid that Wang Yu was the winner of the Life Achievement for Golden Horse Award of the Year. Wang Giulo's first reaction is actually "the worst" and he was caught in a complicated mood. "Happy life, your life endeavors in the art work have finally been rewarded; I'm not pushing my weak body on the stage, not everyone's home is wrong alone." I just haven't been able to get feedback yet, just be quiet and quiet. But "quietly tell my heart that if my thoughts fall on my shoulders, it is God's will, a daughter, to stand up and say your words, God has given me."

Before Wang Giulo became ill at the appearance of his father's arrogance, he remembered that Wang Yu, who values ​​self-esteem and face, does not wish that he exists anymore. "So, remember that he takes pride in his heroic style on screen and he will always be in his heart. The film is his biggest achievement in the film industry, his biggest contribution, and his biggest He also expressed the current situation of Wang Yu and determined that he would not achieve the Golden Horse Lifetime in person.

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