Wednesday , October 5 2022

Exposure cause! Why is Liu Baojie "gone"? Former boss revealed the key to sadness


Liu Baojie
Short-term host Liu Baojie won Kaohsiung at the show. Government under the pressure of a TV station that let it "disappear" for a week. (Picture / flip by Liu Baojie Facebook, 2018.11.03)

Kuomintang Kaohsiung, a mayor of South Korea, began "Korean," but the famous show host Liu Baojie defeated the Kaohsiung question at the show and was under pressure from the top level of the TV station. "I was forced to disappear" for a week, so Liu Baojie did not do that, which caused a stir. . As for the truth about the disappearance of Liu Baojie? Dong Zhisen, the leading media officer who used to be his boss, analyzed the key reasons and said without a doubt: "Someone dares to force Liu Baojie today to take a vacation, some people tomorrow or tomorrow tomorrow!"

Dong Zhisen in the radio show said he was the direct boss of Liu Baojie. Even if he disagreed with what he wrote, he would never interfere with the news content. In the past, Liu Baojie did not talk much about politics, but when the elections were hot, "it's not good to talk about Korean Yu, that's what everyone can see right now." Then he talks about Yuki and his company thinks you're helping South Korea. Ask him not to speak. "

From the news that Liu Baojie had "disappeared," Dong Zhisen began to watch the Dongsen news in the last few days, and unexpectedly found it to be a terrific change: "I certainly started to report Chen Qimai, which is very positive. the past has never touched the boss and told him that "Xiao Dong, who and who can not be jealous," if Liu Baojie was actually under pressure would be too sad.

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