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isCar – Energy-efficient and sporty and super-supercharged! BMW reveals the detailed specification of the major change 330e


isCar!At this year's Paris Motor Show, BMW finally released a new Grand 3 series code G20. After introducing the second brother, the M340i, officially officially announced in the car the model with the highest energy saving 330e PHEV, in addition to increasing the net electric mileage. In the new power boost mode "XtraBoost" can have a maximum output of 288 hp and also save energy!

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The 330e is powered by a 2.0 liter turbocharger, which is a 184 hp four-cylinder engine and a 68 hp electric motor. Integrated power is 252 hp (185 kW). In addition, the new 330e model, which enters the G20, has also added the XtraBoost power-up mode. The electric motor can also increase the power of 40 kW (30 kW) to increase the maximum power up to 288 hp (215 kW). Lack.

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In the power section, the 330e can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 6 seconds and at a maximum speed of 230 km / h. In a purely electric mode where the internal combustion engine does not interfere, the lithium battery has a power output of 12 kWh with a maximum endurance of 60 km. The maximum speed can reach 140 km / h. For urban consumers who usually go to work, pure electric mode can almost meet daily commuting needs.

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The new model 330e has a hybrid fuel consumption of up to 58.8 km / l with a parallel engine and engine, and carbon emissions are also 39 g per kilometer, making the new vehicle developing in all respects compared to the previous generation and the pendulum battery Low center of gravity advantage the maximum horsepower of 300 hp in XtraBoost boost mode will have a different driving experience than the average fuel model.

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