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Solving the Mystery of the Solar System of NASA: NASA Lucy Launches “Tri” Asteroids to Discover Inside Groups.


The United States estimates that by 2030 there will be 43 megawatts worldwide with a population of more than 10 million, and by 2050 7 adult people will live in cities. The urban population density is increasing, bringing challenges to the traffic, and it needs to be managed efficiently. In Taiwan, traffic congestion, recurring accidents, rural areas ۾ improper use of public transport, inadequate use of public transport, and environmental pollution are common due to heavy traffic in Taiwan. Although it has not really spread the ground and in a short period of time, different concepts have demonstrated the importance of the Intelligent Transport System (ITS).

Smart Transportation Technology is a cross-field technology, comprising 7 (IoT, Internet of Things), A (AI, Artificial Intelligence), D (Data Technology, DataTech), E (edge ​​computing, Edge computing). General Chat Chat Lounge Emerging technologies (iABCDEF), and covers industries such as telecommunications, energy and electronics. To meet the challenges ahead, the Technology Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs collaborated with the Industry Bureau to collaborate with inter-provincial units such as the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Industrial Technology Research Institute, and the Council for Investment and Development. An experimental area for advanced services. It is expected to accelerate the implementation of information communication and smart transport applications, promote industrial transformation and digital economic development, solve public issues and create a better living environment.

One-stop integration of transportation of goods across the board to make sense of the commodity interaction in China

In the future, in 5G environments, the Internet of Things will allow various devices, software, network services, etc. to be quickly conformed, and communicate with the public through virtual and real integration applications to achieve faster goals. Computing, low latitudes, and the Internet of everything. It is also, at present, the essential condition for continuous improvement such as smart transport and self-driving cars.

When traffic and transportation become intelligent, it will bring new business opportunities for domestic players. Applicable industry chains such as cloud software services, image recognition APIs and artificial intelligence analysis, road equipment logging industry, road safety warning and integration of surrounding systems, engineering consultancy, and. Security safety networking is an important link in the development of smart transport smart systems, and smart traffic control services are also a very important link. Traffic flow in the road network will run more smoothly.

Huang Hochi, head of the Intelligent Systems Research Institute (System Institute) Council of Information Technology, pointed out that one of the keys to one-stop integration development is in the Road Unit (RSU) and on the road. -Board device (Onboard unit, OBU) installed in the car.) Cross-device communication between technologies is often difficult due to different technologies and interface specifications, different types of equipment are being monitored by different manufacturers. And the Cross Departmental Coordination. It is relatively difficult to generate valuable or valuable applications for the public.

With the goal of establishing a sustainable and smart transport environment, the Ministry of Economic Affairs’s technology department collects the energy of various legal people, is committed to the integration and sharing of transport resources and information, and maximizes the effectiveness of cooperation.

“For example, the signatures of all bus stops appear differently in different cities and towns, and the road equipment used to be operated by different departments: such as the Traffic Bureau signatures, the Street Works Management Office of the Public Works Bureau. Lights, police station CCTVs, etc. Most services are operated independently by each unit, and resources cannot be integrated effectively, ”said Huang Hochi. Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency and efficiency of cooperation, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has partnered with the Information Council System to develop a multi-intelligence intelligent transport operating system in order to establish a common platform concept, information communication barriers. Breaks down To enable transparency and information exchange sharing, to enable collaboration and collaboration among manufacturers, to reduce the hassle that data users and managers face in different data formats.

Huang Hochi explained that the Intelligent Transportation Operating System (Transport OS, TOS) is a management platform that can integrate different remote devices. “We hope to use a common standard format for collecting data so that the industry can be easily and efficiently used in equipment management, data management, and data analytics.” Through the integration of the system, road equipment consolidation The operation of the equipment can be monitored automatically. Use status, fault detection and notifying managers, and AI sensing to collect application data such as vehicles and accidents. “Without the development system and cascading efforts, the industry may focus on the functioning of the equipment.” The technological advancement also disrupts foreign countries. Limited by the foot factory, a smart transport system that is flawless, safe to use on the road, and easy to transport.

For example, if Hong Cai, if CCTV surveillance image noise, urging, c, or lens is transmitted, or the industrial computer network is disconnected, the system can immediately detect the problem and issue a warning, “he The system has flexible extension functions. It can help the industry to interface and provide interconnected applications with a value-added interface. For example, access to RTSP streaming images can also be used to determine if a vehicle violates a vehicle law enforcement application. That is, the data collected will be collected. Data Visual Chart rates They can be used to transmit information effectively so that users can quickly assess and respond to the situation.

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Improve ship crew monitoring performance and re-enable passive port

In addition to land transportation, Samsung is also the focus of the development of smart transport technology. According to an analysis by Cai Zhenghong, the Group Leader of the Institute of Information Management, Taiwan is surrounded by the sea and its coastline is more than 1,000 kilometers. Every year there are tens of billions, yikes, and it will be very marketable to work in safety.

In collaboration with the Science and Technology Project of the Technology Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Information Technology Council system has accepted the proposals of more than 100 industry-government-educational-research institutions and experts. “Ship Monitoring System”, in collaboration with unrelated appeal industries and maritime patrol teams, to increase the performance of the yacht management at the port and on the shore.

Cai Zhenghong said that in the past, smart lighting was often used in smart fishing ports. Sure, smart lighting has many benefits in terms of energy conservation and management, but apart from the kill port, it seems to be pretty good as well. The places, and the location of the fishing port are not visible. The problem encountered by the port hitting is that the usage rate is not realistic, and the assets at the port of kill are useless. The main cause of ishing is fishing, which results in the fish not being caught in the sea. Sustainability of maritime resources is the basic solution. In addition to environmental protection, fishery is a change of fishery fishing and fishing ports, catching and consuming fish fishery fishing, and changes in the tourism value of environmental experience. Must be traditional fishing. Changed entertainment levels, and the value of tourism and tourism should be used. , Maritime resources can be made sustainable. According to statistics from fisheries in the United States, the economic benefits of recreational fishing are nine times higher than those for commercial fishing.

For example, the Kelowna City Government. In 2017, this recreation took independent control of reefs and fishing on Masher Island, promoted certification and charging standards, and successfully introduced technology management tools, using the Automatic System Unpack System (AIS). ِ To control the killing industry. ڙ Monitoring of yachts, using EdgeFog computing technology, will be issued with alerts for neighboring ipsis, satellites and equipment tools, when the fishing boat’s signal disappears or is too far from the shore. Establish a digital governance mechanism to ensure the safety of digital killing activities The protection work is implemented to ensure the safety of operators and anglers. In addition, in the past, when applying for a licensing application, it was important to apply for a work permit, which led to inconvenience. Apply now with the Jilong Diaoyu License Online, in conjunction with the shipping order of Diaoyu’s ship, the Marine Patrol Security Inspection Sent to the Milling Kill port, and the full set of Diaoyu vessel ship’s Sea Track Signal Check Service. To complete Wheels, so that safety and convenience are Keelung Diaoyu formed. An important milestone for development. Fishing fish from the sea can help fishing change fisheries, reduce fishing, keep the environment alive, pass the fishermen, and also promote the development of the fishing industry.

In fact, smart transport has quietly been integrated into our daily lives for a long time, our reliance on digital tickets is growing, and the logistics and new retail era are getting faster and faster. However, different avenues can affect the actual job market, and how to guide skills change is also a major social issue.

Let’s imagine that in the traffic flow, there are silver-haired people who do not play sports and grocery shopping, white-collar office workers who travel, students go to school quickly and parents who Pick up your pick and drop it. The needs of everyone’s movement can be met. The Technology Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs hopes to create a technologically humane and friendly transport environment from a technical professional perspective; At the same time, companies can also move from competition to collaboration, working together for industrial innovation and change, and social corporations. Responsibilities for pollution reduction, and job creation opportunities; The government can also reduce the inconvenience of governance and management, improve the transportation system, and improve the cycle of society.

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