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“Taiwan on the mainland” cannot be shaken up in the Communist Party and the Leo-Cross-Street Essays speech of the Komintang lotion.


Recently, due to epidemics, I didn’t go outside during the holidays, so watching movies became my favorite hobby. “Lotion Love” .. “Lotion in Lotion” premiered at Shanghai Cinema in 1980. At the time, cinema tickets were 0.25 yuan, but that was a very small amount today, and ticket sales reached more than 100 million yuan in box office revenue. One week it’s hard to imagine how much time it took and how long it took to buy one of the “Lotion in the Lotion” tickets at the time of enrollment at one of the few movie theaters in China.

Interestingly, in the Logan Sank area of ​​Jiangxi Province, which is listed as World Heritage and World Geo Park, there is still a movie theater called Lotion Luo Cinema. It is an ancient building built in 1897 with a heel. Cheng Kai-shek and Song Mailing. The chapel of the lotion was later changed to the movie theater, and this movie theater was played by “lotion in lotion” from before. In 2002, Logan Lew Cinema accepted the title given by the British Kings World Records Headquarters – “Movie Theater Long-First Round Movie”, and at the same time “Most Shows”, “All Useful Copies” and “Single Screening.” General Chat Chat Lounge Friend in Jiangxi, China. A look

Although this movie was one of the first movies I had when I was on the mainland to study, but as the commercials are so many, there is no reason I can’t watch it here, so I did the movie here. After reviewing the movie, I also had a lot of comments, so I wrote this article, I hope there will be exchanges on the straps with friends.

In 1949, the situation for civil war was decided in principle. The Kuomintang troops had to return to Taiwan, and a long-range division of the sea began from the sides of the peninsula. Zheng Hongto chose not to follow Chairman Cheng, instead, Taiwan decided to leave Kuomintang to start a new life in the United States. Perhaps, there is a lot of complaint and controversy between these officers and Chairman Cheung. Thus, the differences are not conspiring. Everyone was separated. Those who had experienced it at that time were blind to it. And Zhou Yun, the heroine of the literary love movie “Lotion in the Lotion”, who is in the house of a Kuomintang general who lives in the US in such a common background.

To strengthen US influence in the Far East and to suppress the powerful US pro-Soviet forces against the Soviet Union, members of the US government and the UN Committee decided to join the United States in 1971 by letting China. Thereafter, the United States established diplomatic relations with China. However, in Taiwan’s view at the time, this was equivalent to the action taken by the Americans. But it must have been said that the situation was that due to such changes in the global situation, high level Taiwanese felt at that time that the possibility of counter-attack on the mainland had disappeared, and the situation in the Strait region was gradually rising to zero. The move has begun. Armed resistance to joint armed supremacy. After the establishment of diplomatic relations between the People’s Republic of China and the United States, the relationship between the sides was gradually diminished. Although the three contacts were not completed at the time, the Kuomintang generals and their families living in the United States. Can enter the mainland from the United States.

Zhou Yun returned to the mainland from the United States to travel in the first half after the fall of the Gang of Four. There are many historical stories and beautiful landscapes. It is suspected that the gastrointestinal tract lasts for nine days. The famous sentence. Boy gowns, which can solve poems and old women, also have a ched-in oil tage built-in here. It was a place between the Komintang and the Communist Party during the Civil War for the Martial Arbitration Plan War. Chairman Cheng and Song Mailing. Every beauty and history here makes Yhou Yun, who is the first Yero to visit sightseeing in Lotion, feel novel. On the southern foot of the Lotion Mountain, on the rocky rocky bridge of the flowing bridge, she met the acting gang air. The actor’s father was criticized and criticized because at the time, the group’s ging was talked about, so the actor decided to go to lotion with his critically ill mother to recover from his illness and then become a Communist. Avoid the power struggle between the parties. ن After meeting the stream, they learned English together and visited lotions together. quickly fell in love and set a wedding date. Gang Hui and Zhou Yun returned immediately to ask for their father’s opinion, but after seeing the group photo of Gang Hui’s family, Zhou Yoon’s father admitted that Gang Hui’s father was an old adversary who had been in the Communist Party in the past. Was involved and fought it. One another on the battlefield. Deny the marriage he considered a joke. But after a few twists and turns, the old generals finally resolved their prejudice against one another and decided to meet in lotion. Zhou Yun and Geng Hua are becoming even more happy, a pair of talented and beautiful couples.

After watching this movie here and there, the author can’t help feeling anything. The political climate on the island is now very strange. Unless one political figure mentions the Communist Party, the representatives of the parties will be immediately alarmed. And listen carefully to his comments on the Communist Party. Backtrack to avoid excessive contact with it and affect my political career; If it is negative, then immediately attend camp, no matter whether you are blue or green, or you are white and yellow, everyone will condemn it together.

Even Kuomintang, who has two years of experience of cooperating with the Communist Party, does not dare to get too close to the Communist Party. Founding father Sun Yat Sen? Neither Ku and Kuomintang, the Democratic Progressive Party, or large UN major and smaller UN parties today can even collaborate with the Communist Party! As long as it can improve Taiwan’s economy, technology and people’s economy, why not do it? If the Communist Party is as scary as a tiger that eats human beings, the other side may now be the development that it is today. Don’t the people on the other side hate their own rule? This is probably where we have to think. (Today Little Prince Prince / Student of Beijing University)

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