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Ankylosing is a type of spondylitis type of ghee glycosis that affects spin. Take a lot of pain in the garbage to link to the lower stomach or the whole soil. The symptoms are in a stiff stage. Hardbuck or hard work

Professor Dr. Keti Tachchakchi, former Rama Odi Hospital, the Ramiatism Association of Standards, has said that it was discovered in Thailand that there were at least 60 people or at least 660,000 people with serious illnesses, while at least according to diagnosis Meet one year or end up to 10 years. Physical innovations that are still not standardized, determine the lack of knowledge in diagnosis of low-degree information, to reduce the knowledge of Roman's Roman Catholicism in reducing knowledge of X-ray films.

Early diagnosis and treatment will help control the pain. To reduce or reduce illness, which may be the first pain of the first disease is under pain. But others are extraordinary, such as young men suffering from pain pain in the younger people using more than 3 months of pain and retitudes gothitis and therapeutic skin treatment, exercises to exercise medication to help drug trains. Help move the surgery better, whose academic conference is intended to develop plans to understand and understand the signs of patients' illness.

Dr. Kanping is one of the natural medical experts. The Right Sirikit National Institute of Childhood said that the patient has a minimum of 6 years. It is difficult to illicit patient symptoms and pain. This disease causes anxiety in life. But there are still many patients who can still educate or work. Pediatric illnesses have generally lost the opportunity of education to help them improve the future in the future.

Patients of the genetic group of patients and rabbit plans, Pamphone Pamma, said that Geths is a permanent disease. Many people have suffered from this disease. Control follow-up Fraternity, patient groups, TVs, newsletters, newsletters, opinions, which we are ready to help for all patients with this disease.

"Johnson and Johnson (Thy Light) is determined to develop this information about illness," said Viojo Macao, Government Relations and Access Access Director, Johnson and Johnson (Thai) companies. To determine how to apply for management and information about how to prevent this disease, the practical conference on this topic is "Co-creational Workshop: Oxide Sciences", and started collaborating with the experts of various parties that patients, doctors , Media and various effective experimental experiences, and for the purpose of improving the quality of mind and for the purpose of this patient's life. Improve the quality

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