Sunday , August 14 2022

Bank of Thailand calls for urgent discussion after several accounts have been “hacked” and money was lost.


Many people are experiencing problems with sharing information on social media, in the case of those who are unknowingly making money from their accounts and do not have a lot of money and money. Many people do not delete the account such as the Facebook page Investment man Posted a message stating several bank accounts in Thailand “Repeated deductions” At the same time a lot

There are many complaints about bank account owners that their account money was cut in small amounts today, but often, many things are explained by message. Buy via EDC Most of these will be for purchases of goods and services via debit card. And to make money again from any bank account, as this bank account money was lost 37 baht at a time, 5 items and 86.90 baht, 7 items and 17.27 baht, 1 item, total 810.57 baht on October 2, 2021 at 3am. During the period, however, several pages were reported that found faces. Such problems said there were at least six thousand people.

Recently, there was a news that the Bank of Thailand recognized the problem and was holding an urgent meeting together with the Thai Bankers Association and the Bank of Thailand to find out the cause, prevent solutions and help or help.

However, the information provided by the financial institution that the lost customer account information is not actually created from the banking system in which all the cases arise out of the bank transaction is not due to the lack of IT security in the banking system. General Chat Chat Lounge

The Bank of Thailand calls for prompt discussion after several accounts have been validated. "Heck" Lost money

Green time, facebook users Echo P Wilson Posted a warning message in case of use Facebook states that the permission be notified to friends who have been disconnected Facebook And I want to share an experience that I missed yesterday, but I was able to continue.

Because that’s why I received a strange notification yesterday, someone suddenly added me to someone’s curiosity in the person’s ad account. So click to try. Summary. general ledger The ad is worth over 60,000 Thai baht at no-cost (let’s say, unfortunately it happened).

First, define the payment cut system Facebook Payment will be deducted from the person who has linked the card Facebook Advertising will be charged to the account and the person who is connected to this account.

The thief is aware that he hacked our friend’s facebook because he had a Pict account (picture 1) in his unpaid advertising account. (This is important to know that you can add other people to your own advertising account. And the payment is deducted from the accounts of the people even though they are not the ones who also posted.

Check notifications to your friends. If there is a notification such as number 1 or not, if so, click on it (no be) because it is a Facebook Ad Account link. And immediately delete the user (friends and friends who have been deleted. Let’s help each other) This is how we will get out of the account of the thief. The team has no problem paying for advertising.

PS I feel. The ads that show about selling that cream or something yesterday, I’m shocked and surprised that I didn’t save the bill that was late.

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