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BGRIM shows a net profit growth of 191%, costing $ 0.15 per family

BGRIM showed the performance of the second quarter of 2019, with a net profit rate of 191%, approved a full-year speaker power plant of the Vietnamese power plant 677 MW and Nam Geo 1 power plant. Transport structure issues and the impact of grid mining on construction of destroyed plants The board approved 0.15 baht per capita, sustainable stock ESG 100 for almost two years.

Mrs Preeyanart Soonthornvatha, Chief Executive Officer, B Gamma Power (BGRM), announced the results of operations for K2/201, with sales and services revenue of 10.88 million shoes, an increase from the same period of the year. Prior to the 23.4% growth, BMW Jian Yan has expanded its business capacity to 989 MW during the third quarter of this year from the 12th business operation to the second quarter of 2019, including its purchase. 100% increase in power in July 2018 and purchased PSP1 project from Glow Energy Plc in March 2019 (3% increase in cost of electricity)

However, the net profit from the financial statements was Rs. 1038 million, while the majority of shares were 626 million shares, 191 years higher than the same period last year, and 17.7% higher than the previous quarter. Unrealized conversion and non-recurring items The company net operating profit from the security financial statement of $ 886 million was $ 886 million, resulting in 557 million households, an increase of 25.7% over the second quarter. Mainly the new power generation in Vietnam, 2 solar power generation projects, total capacity of 677 MW and Nam Jae 1 project, 15 MW generation capacity, as well as operational results of the full quarter of the PSPP1 project. General Chat Chat Lounge Ongoing natural gas prices have been reduced by 2.4% and continuous improvement of the feed value and PSP projects.

12 ESP Power Plants including 2 PSP Power Plants, 7 Solar Power Plants in Thailand, 1 GeoPower PDR 1 Project and 2 Solar Power Plants in Vietnam

The company has confirmed that the solar power generation project is 420 MW DTD and 2 in Vietnam, the largest in the ASEAN region and the largest share of the Fu USTP project 257 MW, Has already been successful. Distributed June, Budget Establishment In the central part of Winnipeg, June was not affected by transportation problems and grid connectivity because the DT1 and 2 solar power projects are located in the southwest of Tianjin Province (an area that has No transmission line is a problem) and Fai ATTP generates electricity on a solar power generation project Vietnam Electricity (EVN) transmission line via Twee High – Nha Tong 220 kw, which generates grid and distributes electricity. Enough of the convenience.

Therefore, both plans can identify revenue from Avon as usual after commercial operations. Under the 20K Power Purchase Agreement with HNI, we will identify 183 million budgets of 20 million with a purchase rate of 9.35 cents per kilowatt hour.

Currently, the proportion of renewable energy production has increased from 8% to 30%, while the production capacity of the project population is actually increasing from 2% to 25%, which represents a significant regional company. General Chat Chat Lounge Currently, the company is studying new projects in the country and most of the country, such as South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines and Malaysia.

Also, the project was developed during the project development. Is an industrial waste power project, Incheum, with a capacity of 4.8 MW, with a 50.7% construction development, which is currently set to build a pole and establish a ground system, which was set for commercial use in December 2019.

As for the development of new power plant development, replace the existing power plant The company has 5 joint thermal power plants which meet the criteria for construction of new power plant, replacing the existing existing plant which will be replaced in 2016. Expires during -2025. A 25-year power purchase agreement set for commercial operation in 2022, which will use effective new technology to ensure that the company will provide high quality support to industrial customers.

As a result of past performance BGRIM has been consistently rated ESG 100 for 2 years. The company has consistently earned the SSA 100 certification for the year, which is one of 100 listed companies with environmental, social and operational performance. And good governance (environmental, social, and government ASG) in the resource group. Shows that the company has been working and in good governance based on good governance in business processes, society and the environment as well as taking the interests of stakeholders together with a strong and sustainable growth base with a significant global energy base. To become a company

At the same time, the Board of Directors approved a rate of 0.15 baht for the payment of INSPIM dividends. The date on which the right to receive profit (date of record) is August 28, 2019 and September 10, 2019 for payment of dividends.

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