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CCTC Acoustic successfully incorporates "Optical Segory, Thai"


The CCC is available for well-known producers charity with TAT EcoAlpha to prepare on "Scheduling Siege, Thailand".

On November 23, the JCC, celebrated innovation in Chemistry and Chemistry in the country, and successfully won the success of TAT and Ecoscf "Savior of the Sea, Thailand". "Circular living … change lime world" to create new dimensions in thai industry. Launch of "Thailand Collection" in Apsikonging A Sagar, Thailand. Thin people to participate in the use of good quality accessibility. Price can be purchased. It will be officially available in the Circuit Living Fiftyval in the CCC. This charge is free. To participate in the Chitwana Foundation.

"The Beginning of the Ocean, Thailand" began in February 2017, thanks to the volunteers and collaborators' help volunteers team to collect a beacon, bottle and plastic beet. Beach and sea booths are disappointed in the sea and the beach, so in 20 months, more than 20 plastic waste-consumers have returned to life. Realization and determination that you can transform plastic damage to the country's ingredients. These include T-shirts and back-baked beans made with PP-plastic booths and Palletheets.

"Today, the CDC has stepped up the next step by placing a small plastic plastics industry," said Mr Espentan Pongpatchia, PET Global Carry Chemical Public Company, Limited of PET, Lamited of Chief Executive Officer and President (CSE). The plastic bottle of aerobic prototype from the sea of ​​Thailand, Thailand started as a fashionable fashion product, we offer products to it first and in the use of small people in the use of good quality products. To participate, the price of other fashion items can be purchased. And new year new gifts are appropriate. From this waste plastic booth We will get income from all things. To stop paying tribute to the HRH Princess Maharara Chakra Sarandorne, hopefully, this launch of Thailand will enable the Thai people to live in a circular way, change the world. The use of valuable resources to protect. The sea is beautiful and sustainable. "

Sindh Mr. Soupber Prakranin, governor of the office, director of the Tourist Taille of Tourism Authority (TAT) "The TAT is a pleasure to join the prosperity." The Successing Siege, Thailand "on a successful success. By small plastic jugs, we help to seal the sea and attract the ocean – this is a success in a successful production. It is a new building of industry that should be a good example to help protect the environment in thelandland. The sea is clean and beautiful. To make a good picture of Thailand, and the tourism industry of the country is developing rapidly. And long term sequence "

"I am happy to have the opportunity to use new fashion feeds, bottles, bottles and bottles." President Javier Gassiassi President and Eco-Ll Officer say. Plastics in processing with air plastics booths in the Thai Sea, with plastics fonding segment, plastic designs, clothes and sophisticated equipment in speeding syllabus. And in the country the general users sold a precious friend. Envelope alf provides continuous support for environment protection and a new dimension of the beauty of the river. With the creation of fashion world today,

Mr Patiparn Sukontamarn, Chief Operation Officer, Litroot Petrochemical Trade, TTP Global Kim Public Public Company Limited or C.C. "We are proud of the Thailand Thailand project resulting in the Skipping Surgery Project. The purpose of this is to focus and encourage people to gather and collect and collect. And all of you have to make a reservation of plastic jarring jars The experience is not usually to spoil the general fashion from the sea standard. We can replicate like plastic boats, such as PE bottles, Upcycle is a product in this collection, we will continue to work on the project. To increase the proper management and management of waste, a sustainable residential building for a peaceful society is to stay circular. "

Scheduling Sagar in Thailand, Thailand. Working with advanced technologies. Extra products sold in plastic booths. 1. After starting the collection and arrangement of plastic waste. 2. The bottle is thrown into a trunk and is a cancer in the flesh. Beware it utilizes efficient resource usage, and from long term to Kalabagh. Making a better quality for a good man's life.

Using smartphone in Sagar, Thailand, with speeding technology, uses technology for advanced technology. Extra products sold in plastic booths. 1. After starting the collection and arrangement of plastic waste. 2. The bottle is thrown into a trunk and is a cancer in the flesh. Beware it utilizes efficient resource usage, and from long term to Kalabagh. Making a better quality for a good man's life.

Childlore collection kids have 14 plastic booths for S-XXL price 249 strokes and adult sizes SML value 299-bit. 3 Devices: Uploading Sections, Thumbnails. Give people the ability to collect the strength because they want clean and elegant beaches. Designed by Spin Designer's Geography. 2: Tr Trand. Trash & # 39; & # 39; Fashion, Fashion & Style 3: Treasury-made Jewelry by Jerry Lemed Lamidated Design by Treasury-James James, Treasury by glass patterns using trash that shows plastic air. . Fusion production has been converted into the price that increases the cost. Each of these 14 bottles is made from clear plastic booths and will be available soon in Acototia, Fourth Floor, Same Discovery Shopping Center, Poratapat. Scooge Field and Sailing Thailand

James Jarrow Tang Syrsik, named the name of Reising. "I think that the problem plastics is virtually close to AUTI, so that it will work together to solve all the problems." A game designer James Jerio said. I would like to be a good example for my friends to create an awareness in collecting and managing proper waste. A new money is a refractory or appeal. So I agreed to design a three-shirt to work with this project. I believe that the concept of Treasury Treasures was coined by marks of glass. Send more personal messages Hours in the top part of the glass world are filled with air, plastic bottles and pollution, if we do not care about studying simple. I do not know that there is no problem. At the end of the clock, he finds out the problem of the problem. If we take a break. Broken plastic booths to change precious items. Our world will be much better. For a new year, do not have a good gift? Give your loved ones I invite everyone to join the Society for Self-cycling, Siemens, to participate in the Thai charity program, purchase and promotion of well-known resources. Get along "

A Scottish shop was officially launched under a circular gift circular living in Scotland Living Fifthale by the Australian spanking, the Executive Sagar, Thailand. Christmas lights are exhaustive. New Year Gift Ideas for the World The highest level of storage. On Siem Disc on November 23, 17.00-19.00, the Inspection appears to be the Jimmy-Jerry Leggicunk limited edition shirt design. Nana and Sana Paisanpaiboon will show the first collective of the project cost collection. This charge is free. To discard the Chippana Foundation.

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