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Enjoy! & Quot; Thailand & quot; joins Vietnam – Indo-Brunei & # 39; like Asia-23


The "Thai National Football Team" is not older than 23 years of joining Vietnam, Indonesia and the Brunei Asian Championship. Age over 23 years.

November 7, 61 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) announced the results of the Asian World Football Championship Up to 23 years the qualifying round is completed.

The lottery results are as follows.

West Zone

Group A: Qatar (hosts), Oman, Nepal, Afghanistan

Group B: Palestine, Bahrain (host), Bangladesh, Sri Lanka

Group C: Iraq, Iran (host), Turkmenistan, Yemen

Good group: Saudi Arabia (host), United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Maldives

Group E: Jordan, Syria, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait (host)

Group F: Uzbekistan (hosts), Tajikistan, India, Pakistan

Eastern Zone

Group G: North Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mongolia (host)

Group H: South Korea, Australia, Cambodia (host), Taiwan

AI: Japan, Myanmar (hosts), Timor-Leste, Macao

Group J: Malaysia (Host), China, Lao PDR, Philippines

Group K: Vietnam (host) Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei

The competition will be held on March 22 – 26, 2062. Qualifiers lead a group of 11 champions and four of the best champions from 11 groups at the Asian Football Championship. Until 23 years, Thailand will host 8th – 26th January 2020.

Thai Pre-Olympic National Team The Asian Football Championship qualifies for under 23 years of age.

March 22, 2062. Thailand meets with Indonesia.

March 24, 2062, Brunei meets Thai

March 26, 2062. Vietnam meets Thai

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