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"Gold" praised the army for not praising 2 former prime minister is not in jail.

The "Sonti" people announced to stop taking the road. Only a little over 48 years ago. Not acknowledged that military power seizes power, but "Big You" is a former minister who was put in prison by a former minister of 2, not a foreigner.

September 12, 2019 Mr. Gold Lamondong Former leaderPeople's Alliance for Democracy The house was almost full of atmosphere around the house on the morning of September 4, after the Sun first received an apology to the press conference. Because there are employees in the network, managers and unions welcome the receptionist and Kolia Sophonpenich and Mr Khatun Sitthisaman also came to encourage

When Dear Tsunami For the first time Fraa traveled to become an editor, worshiping sacred objects while visiting the home environment before speaking with all the previous leaders, Major General Chamlog Serleant, Mr Pratap Popongfan and Mr Sarco Yudsik. Dear Tsunami Do part of the life sentence when imprisoned for 2 years 11 months and 27 days and confirmed and admitted in accordance with all the rules. Nothing special

In addition Soody also made a political commentary From the young age of 72 to the age of 72, politics has never changed. Then many people questioned the devil that the prime minister had done so because of his promise of a perfect sermon. Personally imagine having a meal and having nothing to do? Be sure to discuss not being loyal to the prime minister as the main problem of the nation is why don't you work hard? Which is to say that the Prime Minister does not come with a democratic system, I must say that our Constitution and democracy are just words. In fact, democracy is still a dictatorship. Like in the past there was a powerful parliament

Not personally pleased that the military has power. But to accept as a metaphor if my daughter is pregnant without a father then will she go away and not again? One has to accept the other and hope to have a good child, better and the government will be better. General Phantom Chan-o-cha Former Prime Minister I hope you work. Take the country as prime minister and do not think conscientiously if you hope that everyone in the future will be accepted by different views. Television and please Miss Pananka Vernet, Everyone, don't laugh. Not because he did everything wrong but because he had to be happy because his personality is like that and his good deeds are anything but praise. It's just that their best wishes haven't been met in the country so far. Many people still cannot accept.

In addition Dear Tsunami It is said that he made a mistake in prison and in the end and there is nothing to fear in the prison Do not worry but where is the boss today? Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra And Ms. Yingluck Shihotra Where is the former Prime Minister? I say not afraid of prison, if I can eat in jail is not enough, so don't worry.

From now on to the political movement Dear Tsunami Given that this would not be a pathway to educate more people. I think that's the end of the road era. And knowledge is very important since 2005 and has taught me my whole life. Life is gone until I say it again. They arrested 200 shots on September 6, 2016 but my wife died on October 3, 2016 when I heard about it, it was the first time that I was crying as a child and on October 13, 2016, King Ram Haley passed away. And died again.

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