Thursday , September 23 2021

"I do not know what to do.

While looking at the glass of glass cocossa, it seems that many people get scared. This is a lot of people in sad eyes. I have a big problem with thousands of types

Although Esiari Glass participated in the wedding dresses show to marry a separate sexy girl, Modi Bella's Wedding Center shopping center, Central Apparel Rachda.

Ask about glass post, sadness?
"Actually, it's about adults. I'd like to ask you more, but I came home and saw that he was able to speak and sing in the bathroom. There is no problem or problem."

Did you come to talk about love?
"Generally, if you are anything wrong, we'll give each other in advance, I think it's nothing else. If you're called to be a different home again, but there's nothing."

When you can see the mother post, how did we feel?
"I think it's very commonly," she usually likes to like something like this – it's really her pearl. She says it's a strong time, furry, see you, i still It is not good to say that there are many ways to get rid of exercise. "

Mother's Strength Will You Allow Us All Time?
"I advise. When you emphasize, you will not eat, that is why it is posting."

You have no regrets, right?
"It's more of the life or work of life, but I do not give it the way."

Most people are upset?
"The bedroom is troubled, it's an assessment, but three children are ready to support their mother, because your mother is a actor. It's easy to understand that we are mother, this is my first post. What is the dance next to the constitution? (Main)

When we first saw the post, what did we do?
"There is a row to ask him. I understand that he is not very much, because the mother we know, we believe it is pearl, but I am surprised because it is so beautiful. I am not sure that What do you mean

How is your mother love
"It's cool (tomorrow) Do you think that I am convinced that the mother to patience with me, and in many ways, support it.

You are still happy, are not you normal?
"Very happy to laugh"

You and your brother are in different places, right?
"where are you?" Because your mother is with you. "

Do people see if they have a problem?
"I do not have any problem, I do not know why, if you have a mother, but do not do it, I think I do not think it's possible." Post is probably another story. "

Do you think how to get it?
"Such activities are probably the same as I invite him to break the batter, maybe movies together, I would like to watch movies with me, and show me an activity that we are often together."

I do not have any problem with your mother and brother.
"I know this is a confirmation, but it is the details that you asked the mother better".

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