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Leia advises Kandi to try the Snow Pania.

Bangkok – Aug 14 – J.M. Grammy

"Lana Nanavarat" is recommended to try Ice Beer and Pania Safe on the "Late and Applicable" program on November 15th.

"Late and capable" EP.9 On Thursday, August 15, 23 August 23.40pm, Channel One created a unit under the "Zone" online creator's hub, under the aegis of G.M. Grammy, to create a delicious team called "Privat Nilonak" or "Palm. The singer of the institute sings the whole song "To Sing a Song," Night Lia Konanar Taiparan Cha ". A fresh seafood restaurant with good quality food and Southern food from the south delivered high quality raw ingredients to the shop every day. Use sea cucumber with black pepper flakes with the suggested menu, use the river crab as a hard, large meat, especially selected. Stir in a little chilli black pepper machine. Together with the kebab and passion fish, the yellow, grappler + fresh green fish. Her cup of coffee was delicious, delicious, sparkling and filled with red. The only pool in the restaurant was delicious, until the girl "Lola" even said he liked her very much. If he came to the store, don't miss !! Anyone who likes fresh seafood restaurants and Southern cuisine, come here, don't disappoint.

"Laura Kinar Taiporn Chai" with the best amateur restaurant of the night, Ice Beer Shop and Pania Cider "Late and steamy" on Ep9.9 on Thursday August 23.10-23.40. The channel can watch the premiere and program on One 31 "Late and Eat". Get back free through the free Viu and app

"Green Bean" launches "The Phillips", a rock band from the school age.

BANGKOK – June 31 – The Green Bean, which is affiliated with the members of MPG's Grammy's in Green Bay, is preparing to launch a new generation of 6 singers called "Free Play". "Which means" Petch Rita Atua "Getty", Brewer Virat Duterte (Gett), Cote-Peoria Phetayaporn (Getty), Kids …

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