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Lost December 14th !! Roll Punch Sysket Fight with the S-U-Fi Form

The development of the World Boxing Championships is approximately 115 pounds, which is related to the future of former world champion Thai's beloved "Cesque Nikorn Long Promotion". There has been insider news recently of joining the war on December 14, 62 of the start of the war. The Estrada Champs Vue Fire falls in the United States

After Boxing News The International Boxing News Agency reports Jon Francis Estrada, World Boxing Council (WBC) Champion, who took the ball from CSCAT with Khalid Yahya as World Boxing Association (WBA) Champion, Director, Match, Box Unit Direction. Be guided by who is on the right balance. The big match with Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia on December 7, now kicking off at The Ravens.
But a week later, news reports suggest that Estrada and Yaffe A will be fighting in the United States on December 14, 62. The location has not yet been officially revealed.

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But most recently, on September 12, 19, internal news from the United States took place on that occasion, Srisaket, a 2-time World Championship, Thai, still ranked No. 1, 115-pound VBC in the World Boxing Council rankings. Will be kept from September 2019, put to war on the 14th. This, too, but the opposite will be what is not revealed. A form competition is expected to start early. In order to select the winner, in the next episode, he is entitled to wait for the World Championship after Estrada (40-3, 27 KOs), who will be crushing himself against Yahya (26-0, 15 KOs).

Preparation of Thai smokers "Sia Bone" Surachat Phisitwutinan Former Thai world champion manager, said that Lim's chief (Siskat) has been training camp for physical activity since last month. And being prepared to be aware that even though there is no World Championship, still has to compete first to be ready for the return of the world championship. As for the details of the combat partner he has not requested any disclosure. Because the agreement still has to wait for Eddie, the copyright holder has been officially confirmed in the United States only

"Si Hoon" showed that "Sisiket fought in the United States in 3 matches in foreign countries. In which we were convicted of 1 war, yet two fighters were promised. In fact, the date of this war has been set. But we We may arrange a fight in Thailand, but if we adjust ourselves, it will have the effect of causing the queue to end in a foreign country before it ends. No. However, if Saskatchewan flew to the United States on December 14, the realistic – or truly participatory – participant in the FI program might have been at least one war hot in Thailand. Take part in boxing shows. "

The news came 3 days before news of Fernando Beltran, transfer promotion president Estrada's agency media interview, confirmed the "boxing scene" that the battle of Estrada found fire on December 14th. At the same time, to set up a wonderful garden, only Beltran, the name of one of the wars, also reveals that if Estrada Popcorn is fighting, this is a war he has been looking for in the World Cup Championship at the base. (America also has a line of defense for Mexican fighters with Mexican fighters) and Japan's WBO World Champion Yazoo Aya has the opportunity to talk about the exchange of only giving Serialscot the eighth season. Anyone

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