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“PTTEP Digital Bonds”, see details here. Debenture vault registration submission


After the appearance of “Kring Thai Bank” became a trend of public interest Digital Bonds PTTEP PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited First Asia in AsiaBond purseOn the app Purse Easy to buy, easy to sell, available 24 hours a day.

Return rate and rate of return 2.75% per year *

The average interest rate paid is 2.25% pa
Year 1-2 interest rate 2.00% pa
Year 3-4, interest rate is 2.25% pa
Year 5 Interest rate 2.75% pa

– Minimum investment only 1,000 baht
– Convenient up to 10 million baht from a top-up vault via a Qinghai account
– Debentures Credit Rating by “AAA” TRIS Rating.
– Register the debenture purse. : 9:00 am to October 18, 1964
Expected to be submitted for sale: 2-4 November 2021

Warning: Investing is Risky. Investors should study and understand the characteristics of the product. Risk conditions and risk before making an investment decision. Investors can read the details from the Registration Statement and Draft Prospectus at www.sec.or.th

Note: Allocation is at the discretion of the Bond Investor. The distribution conditions are as determined in the draft prospectus.

"Digital Bonds PTTEP" Check the details here to submit a debenture vault registration

PTTEP joins “Kringai” to revolutionize investment by offering “PTTEP Digital Debentures” online through online wallets in Asia. Easy to sell, 24 hour via Tao Tang app. Its position emphasizes the “Thailand Open Digital Platform” initial investment of only 1,000 baht, with interest payments every month this month, providing equitable access to private corporate bonds. Answering a stable return with a “AAA” credit rating from TRIS Rating.

Pro Digital Bonds PTTEP

  • Easy, convenient, business anywhere, anytime via the Vault app.
  • Buy / Sell in real time, receive instant cash payment.
  • Bind to open a Kyrgyz bank account to support the trading of private bonds. (It’s much easier to transfer money to a purse of 10 million fires).
  • Support top-up wallets for trading private bonds from an account from different banks.
  • Show Debenture Holding Information Buy Price / Sale Price Interesting bicycle additionally withholding tax, all in one go

Subscriber Qualifications

  • Individual customer ID card of Thai nationality
  • Don’t Have American Naturalization Status (FATCA)
  • 20 years of age or older

PTTEP is a petroleum ration villa and production company. Who has been in business for more than 36 years with the acquisition of petroleum dome to create energy security at domestic and international level and meet the country’s energy demand with more than 40 exploration villas and production projects in 15 countries , The company is strengthening its core petroleum ration villa and manufacturing business. Meanwhile investment opportunities are investing in new businesses such as technology businesses, renewable energy related businesses and new energy.

Mr. Monterey Lawanchaikul Chief Executive Officer, PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited or PTTEP Revealed that PTTEP intends to offer debentures to the general public in the Thai capital market. Collaborating with Krung Thai Bank, this bond trading service application considers “Bao Tang” through bond trading with a digital wallet. The first full-time retail investor in Asia to provide opportunities for investors to access with PTTEP, the leading petroleum-based villa and leading leasing company in Thailand. That’s why PTTEP digital bonds are available for a minimum investment of only 1,000 baht, which is the minimum initial investment cost of any bond sale in the country. The company expects to calculate the total bond offering price by the end of October. And is expected to open debentures between 2-4 November 2021.

The PTTEP Digital Bond for sale is a long-term debenture called Holder, unsecured, unsecured and is a 5-year bond holder’s representative, maturing in 2026 with a compounded interest rate of 2.00% per year. Starts from With a return rate of 2.25% every year, every 6 months with interest payments PTTEP achieved a “AAA” credit rating through TRIS rating on September 14, 2021, which is the highest rating on home loan instruments. Demonstrates the business strength and financial stability of the company

“This digital debenture offers PTTEP a sign of the return of the first deb Euro Debentures public offering in 10 years. As a PTTEP Thai energy company, Thai investors should have the opportunity to invest in partnerships with PTTEP to meet the needs of those who are looking for investment opportunities with future sustainability and growth in companies. With the least initial investment of domestic bond trading and can easily trade through the application “Pow Tang”, which is the use of technology to increase efficiency and boost the Thai capital market. By collecting this fund the company will use it to issue debt instruments to repay the loan or loan. Use it as a working capital for the future creation of workplaces for the corporation, ”said Mr Montrei.

Mr Phayong Srivanich, President of the Kiran Thai Bank It was revealed that the bank is committed to using the new financial innovation to continuously develop financial products and services to meet the needs of the groups of customers and individuals. The digital channels that are available are easy, easy to use, and safe to meet the needs of the new era, especially the purse application that was created by Infinitas by Krungthai being the Thailand Open Digital Platform, supported by users of the new groups. Permission to use the Service. Unless it is ready to collaborate with various partners of Kring Thai Bank account to enhance the capacity of public and private platforms so that the main activities can be fully realized in the lives of customers and people through financial services. In terms of health, lifestyle, as well as savings and investment.

This, Jerri, the bank has collaborated with PTTEP to upgrade the Bao Tang App. Support the purchase of PTTEP’s digital bonds, which are the first market for private bond subscriptions. And can be traded for cash via purses on the full online channels in the first market. PTTEP digital bonds in the first Asia Euro Asia have been rated at rated AAA level and are highly sought after in bond markets. But in the past, bond trading for cash can be challenging. Don’t know where to trade Krung Thai Bank therefore acts as a mediator for the secondary market. An easy and fast trading channel for investors to provide, 24 hours a day, receive debentures and receive instant money without any fees It also encourages working capital investors. Also create resilience for the Thai bond market.

“This collaboration is an important investment revolution. Thai people get income levels in all sectors. Investing with AAA quality and reliable debentures is a minimum investment of just 1,000 baht, which can be traded for cash. Any time. The so-called Anywhere Anytime, through the application of Pao Tang, is the Thailand Open Digital Platform with which Thai people are already familiar. Thai people go to Thai people from government as government projects as we travel together. Health purse service and investment by purse. Currently, there are more than 33 million users of Tao Tang app, responding to sustainable development in many aspects according to the SDGS objectives, in terms of promoting, sustainable, comprehensive, sustainable economic development and inequality reduction in the country. The Bank will constantly be developing products and services. Meet customer needs in order to make their lives better and more sustainable.

Dr.Pakorn Pitathawatchai, Director and Manager of the Stock Exchange of Thailand Revealed that he was pleased to see the success of the sale of digital debentures PTT through the ONEP Tau Tang application, this is an important first step in providing the basic financial services to Thai people equally and effectively. This extension will come and update the Thai capital market in the digital capital market and strengthen the country’s sustainable competitiveness.

For those who are not invested in investing in digital bonds PTTEP, you can download the application “Pau Tang” to prepare for buying bonds. Investors can follow the details of the follow-up prospectus at www.sec.or.th and www.krungthai.com or information via Krung Thai Bank, call 02-111-1111

————————————————– –

“Digital Debentures No 1/21 of PTT Research and Production Public Company Limited, Due Year 2026” (“Debentures”)

Debenture Issuer (Issuer)

PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (“PTTEP” or “Company”)

Debenture type

The designated lender is unsecured, unsecured, and is a debenture holder representative.

Credit issuer

Karang Thai Bank Public Company Limited

Credit rating of companies and bonds

“AAA” “Stable” Approach TRIS Rating Co., Ltd. By September 14, 2021

The type of presentation

Public offering is a natural person who has reached the age of majority (not inferior) and is of Thai nationality only
The said person must be a domicile or resident in Thailand.

Value of offering

Expected to be scheduled for mid and late end of October 2021

Thai BME symbol


Maturity of debentures

5 years

Fixed rate interest

With a ladder in interest rates with wow

Year 1-2: Fixed rate 2.00% pa

Years 3-4: Fixed rate 2.25% pa

Year 5: Fixed rate 2.75% pa

Average yield 2.25% per annum

Debenture risk level

Level 2

Presentation period and loan period

2-4 November 2021

Investors who wish to subscribe to debentures may subscribe to debentures through the Debenture Trading Purse. At the request of Karang Thai Bank Public Company Limited, “Pau Tang”, starting on November 2, 2021 at 8.30am, the debentures will be fully subscribed as per the offer amount. But no later than 3:00 pm on November 4, 2021, which is the end of the subscription period.

In the case of debentures allocation, it is proposed that for sale currently subscribers to debentures who subscribe to debentures and pay for subscriptions in bond trading purses through the application. Debentures will be allocated before successfully allocated

Debt payment history

November 5, 2021

Date of maturity of debentures

November 5, 2026

Interest Payment Term

Make a loan on the loan every 6 () h months, with the first interest payment date [5] May 2022

Minimum subscription amount and price

The minimum subscription amount for debentures is 1 unit or 1,000 bytes and multiplication is 1 unit or 1,000 bytes per year.
Debentures subscription up to 10,000 units or 10,000,000 baht per person

Subscription method and debenture subscription payment

How to subscribe for debentures

Subscribers must subscribe to debentures in the Debenture Trading Purse. Only on the request of Kruang Thai Bank Public Company Limited “Pau Tang”. Interested investors can find webinar information in debentures requesting and subscribing to details, procedures and procedures. Debenture Trading Purse Click on the application above

Subscription payment for debentures

If the Subscriber completes the payment for the debentures subscription, the procedure for completing the Subscription Transaction will close the system Subscriber’s Subscription Fee for the payment process based on the amount that the Subscriber expresses his / her intention to subscribe to the Subscriber. General Chat Chat Lounge And if there is not enough money for the debenture subscriber’s subscription fee in Bhat’s purse, the system will cuct the balance from the Kring Thai Bank Public Company Limited deposit account that the subscriber is tied to with his wallet purse (if any). The Debenture Subscriber must have sufficient funds in the Bath Purse and / or Corning Thai Bank Public Company Limited account that the subscriber is nailing with his or her currency currency purse. If the subscriber does not have the funds in the wallet currency and / or the deposit in the purse, the subscriber cannot successfully complete the bond subscription transaction in the bond trading purse. In this regard, investors can transfer money from bank accounts to purses. In case the subscriber does not have an account with Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited

Actual payment

The bond issuer will pay the principal in full. On the maturity date of the loan

Security Deposit

Thailand Securities Depository Company Limited (“TSD”)

Debenture Registrar

Karang Thai Bank Public Company Limited

Bond holder representative

Karang Thai Bank Public Company Limited

Registration Form and Draft Prospectus for the Debenture Project


Registration form and draft prospectus for this offer and subscription


Start registering a purse, trading in bonds. From October 18, 2021
9:00 am to 9pm

Warning: Understand the characteristics of the product before making return situations and making risk decisions
Note: This document is not a bond submission document. The listing of information on the presentation of securities and the drafting of prospectuses are not yet effective. Since the registration statement was submitted to the SEC for consideration, the information contained in this document is subject to change. Encourages investors to study the details presented in the Debenture by the Registration Statement and the issuer of the draft prospectus with the SEC at www.sec.or.th.

Source – Kyrgyz Thai Bank / Photo: Facebook pttepplc

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