Wednesday , September 18 2019
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Square of a square to the Kodiak Co-NH Children's Center

Pool. Supol Ruamsuk, "Modat", Director of the Mai Sui Provincial Police Station, Taki Province, is a prisoner for traveling officers of the Mai Suet Police Station and a travel band of the Mai Suet Police House Police Recruitment Group. Eliminate mosquito larvae in the small children's center, Ben Kedi Koi, 10 Mao, Mahan Sub City District, Tiku Province, Tiku Province, for the use of trash and trash.

Due to the rainy season there is an infectious disease infected by insects and mosquitoes, such as fungal fever, malaria, chikungunya, etc. Matt Suit, Faculty Assisted. Until this opportunity of my policeman removed a mosquito larvae to the child development center at Ban Chedi Ko, including the snacks and items to give to the students, the young children Ban Khedi Ko wanted to have a picture of the children's development center police. Is something that a child loves and can understand the police, "by the police at the Main Police Station at the Police Station."

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