Saturday , December 4 2021

Thai Medical Association on sale in 2019, on 7 February 10, Baat, Bangla [อัพเดท 3 กุมภา]


The biggest mobile events in Thailand can be completed. Mobile mobile mobile 2019 On 7-10 February, in Better, Bungalow, the new location is very large, large, more comfortable. Ensure that you are viewing a mobile phone. Of course, gas will look at the jet. In addition, there is the ability to get there and money in money.

Before viewing every brand's enhanced brochures. Let's see how this project is really. And what's the matter The new innovation that has acquired new innovation has also gotten a new feature. Starting at the beginning, such as electronic motorcycle platforms, DTC to EM connector formats, airborne mobile punch display display screens, apple paragraphs with full Apple Studio on the first stroke of the first studios Not to understand

It's not all that Cryul Focus wants to see a mobile phone, the first screen of the world screen screen phone, this can be one another experience. And the future of the gauge, with the latest AAS-2019, also with the International ASE Zone zone, is capable of helping reduce pollution of pollution, reducing dust pollution. PM2.5 and Model Ecoscope, the best idol in Thailand, all inside the event

Honor Promotion

Like a haven in the world, there is no competition at Samsung's second time with a popular mobile branch, so it has no intention to set up three big potatoes. There will be a lot of things in the beginning of the week, but the new airborne airflakes on this episode 4, Media Pad and Huawei are of the TVs.


OPPO offers a free promotion for those who buy a flagship phone. OPPR 17 Pro Sleeping at a 32-inch Sharp Ecos Digital TV home with apppoppy appeals. Fox has been free of charge with glass film

The second model is described here.

  • OPP Buy this event to get an email pms specialty gift
  • OPP As well as buy all the free items. Free Premium and Premium OPPO Goods
  • OPPO A7 Bring more costly price 7,990 Not sold, at least 6,990
  • OPPO A3s Especially with 4,699 new features (2GB Remote Video) and 6,590 Fire (Ram 3GB Model)


In addition, the vivo mobile subdivision has not yet been released, but is expected. Because during this period the Chinese new year has been started to improve the event, anyone should leave the camp, leave, leave, camp away.

Asia Extension

The Prime Minister began to move on to PM2.5 soil, with a 6GB / 64GB model, due to a special price like E8 8, which was less than 159999. Only 12999 baht The above is 6GB / 128GB, usually 17,990 bucks. Only 149999 baht Only get one with the masks masks with ZHIMI clay.

Motorola boost

Motorola is a special price for the other Moto-6 Plus phones, which has reduced from 8999. Rest 7,990, Small E5 Plus Normal 5990 Left 4,990 Nine fruit-free is a special surprise for an event.

Enhanced HONOR

The HONOR is ready with a new look, which just started an example of HONOR 10 Lite, especially looking for an upgrade. And other highlights hope the HONOR 10 and HONOR games are expected to manage priorities.

AIS enhancement

For all the gamers, it's not slow. Quickly waiting for mobile sports promotion to HIS ATT. ROG phones and radios can be obtained the power of both the phone 2.

Promotion Termo HH

DD Extra

Other updates

All the developments are not just this. Because it's just a slippery promotion information. A weekly weekend should be released or really. We will update the information. Like all the time … then do not forget that at that time it is not the same place. Be careful to go wrong.

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