Thursday , October 6 2022

The "Mitsubishi" solution to the board's resolved "Carlos Goshen" has been vacated to the president


The FF News Agency reported on November 26. A Japanese automotive engineer of Mitsubishi museum corporation, at the same time, has been removed from the director's Board of Directors of Mitsubishi Mot. It just took 1 hour to resolve the resolution. The 64-year-old French, who was retired as the President of Metabybi Motor, was arrested by the Japanese police arrested him for financial execution and arrested one of Nissan Mot Company's auto-operator Renault Alliance – CEO and CEO of Nissan Company Has been removed from the company last week. The fact that due to financial misconduct, Mr Gennes has reported a lower salary on his own. In 2011-2015-2015, almost 44 million dollars fell near Mr. Owen's world's auto industry. Ginny is a person who has been defining to help rescue the Japanese Japanese automotive, which will not end in 2016 and in the United Nations coalition. A prominent factory has become the largest automotive group in the world.

The post-board "Mitsububai" said on the first hand before the "Corolla Goshen" retreat the retirement.

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