Friday , September 30 2022

The Prime Minister has ordered the construction of a parking lot at the Ratchayothin Junction. Create an x-ray plan across the city.


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6 November 2018


The "Premier" ordered to build a parking lot at the Ratchayothin junction. Each X-ray location around the city sends the wardrobe within 3 months.

On November 6, 2006, at 3 pm, in the Government House, Mr. Puttip Pongpanan, Deputy Prime Minister, Politburo and Speaker of the Office of the Prime Minister. The Cabinet approved Cabinet's Cabinet's decision to pass the tunnel at the intersection of the Ratchayothin Office of Transport and Transportation Policy and Planning. O) Set up additional parking spaces in nearby areas to accommodate all transport services. It's a train. Part of it is a system review. Problem solved in all other Bangkok zones such as the intersection of points that can be solved in the tunnel, junction and overpass, etc. At the same time when the construction is not completed. Let's make a plan and finish it back in the cabinet within 3 months.

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