Tuesday , January 18 2022

The vacuum area of ​​the emergency area was enclosed in the velocity of the vaccine. Watts & Pir Homemadephysics and MPPs Chang Mai


Percentage was given to the vaccination vaccine in the carpenter of the deals. Watts and Pir Hyminopathra, Duphoria, Food and Destruction and Disease Disaster.

November 23. 61 Mr Minggur Charoenmuang, Pai Ruttanankonon and Pirater Pongbabunfon, Area of ​​Polarry Surveillance Vaccination, Pet and Vegetable Illness Area. 1/2562 Ban Mae Tei, Tha Pha Pa, Ma Lan Noi, Mai Hong Kong, Poppers, who produced 8 cattle with 105 cattle. Veterans for campaigning against pesticides and pesticides. Demolition of destruction in homophysetic disease and first tens of fiscal year. On 61 November, 61 foot and altar diseases have been vaccinated, 76 cases and 45 feet were vaccinated. Bloodmoon 1, Qing Ma Lawn, Ma Lin, Maah Hong Son to protect the disease in cattle.

Bioreurides, septemia, septemia or sugallen geneavascasia, have a large area in the mood. It is rugged, pig, horse, and other as little as possible. Symptoms are important. Take care of breathing or drying up and keeping high rates of earthquakes and death. If there is a disease in the area 1. Avoid saving the preservation. Destroy the hiking of the jails. Or at least 1 meter gas level at the surface and combined with anticoccal or linen. 3. Buy with a cattle purchase record. 4. Hemorragac vaccine will be vaccinated from all animals of the stove. One year regularly.

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