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Arda Turan S-Arghand reacts very strongly!

Show TV Main News bulletin presenter S. Younger also participated in the discussion, which took place with football player Arda Tavern, along with singer Brakai. After the court Anderson, Arda Thon responded very hard.

The fight against the decision was released on October 10, 2018 at a recreational venue in Amrigan Başakşehirda football player Arda Turan and singer Burke Shahn. Arda Turan was accused of causing sexual violence against Olmeel Shaheen.

Arda Turan was sentenced to 8 months in 2 years and sentenced to 15 days in jail for felony, intimidating and intimidating gun shooting with "building gun possession" and indications for causing "intentional injury." The court decided to postpone the court's decision on those offenses.


Jordan made the decision "The title of the incident; I became aware of the culprits; in penalties I got them for these mistakes, because they threw such people at me. Thank God, Turkey decided justice. Is that these heavy accusations are ugly

The main news bulletin presenter S Johar, who took part in the Arda Turan TV show, brought a very sharp critique. Let Arda Turan down in our place, let's have a goal instead, said Noir. We are already doing this because we know we will not be punished. Is it so "

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