Wednesday , October 5 2022

Aydin Bouquet asked Nedim Sener answered! Has his attitude changed softly?


Buket Aydin, Nedim asked questions about critic Sener: "Is your attitude to the opposition softened after leaving the prison?" he said. Sener said he had never defined himself as a dissident;

"I have never been a dissident or journalist, I am not a political figure, it is journalism, but what I want to do is journalistic factual journalism." I am a person who does not see who works for the truth. Whether it's GDP or not, it's going to be real self-defense, and people will just see it, I'm interested in investigating journalism, uncovering truth that people can not reject. I'm not in a legally illegal group. I know those who know me are not a political figure, only a journalist knows I'm just a reporter beneath him and I do not change my attitude if I look at topics that interest me. Feton From December 17 to December 25, I tried to warn until July 15 of the attempted bloody coup after being arrested by a MIT representative. Today I am trying to explain this in my column. "

Will Nedim Shener be in politics?

Nadim Sener, who hosts 40 programs offered by Buket Aydin at CNN TURK, said: "Do you think you will go to politics?" he answered the question.

"I have never had such an idea, and to date I will not find any offer, I do not think the future," said Sener,

"Do you know when I wanted politics?" Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu gathered a day at the Nazlı Ilıcak rally square. "Today I wanted to be a deputy." "Why?" He said he resigned. If there is no conscience, it makes no sense to enter into politics, I would like to be a member of Parliament to resign on this date to punish the leader, because he said it just because no one exists. Not something. "

Nedim Şener spoke about "FETÖMETER"

Journalist Nedim Şener, guest of the "40" program with Bucket Aydin at CNN TÜRK, told us about FETÖMETRE, which is used to fight FETÖ.

Nedim Şener explained FETÖMETRE as follows:

"Personal promotion, foreign assignments, language examinations, the school from which it comes, whether ByLock uses it, whether Bank Anny makes an account, whether it does from the catalog, make a marriage from the catalog or not, and those who teach your children … There is a doubt that you are a FETÖMETER, not a system that applies to a person, but the name of a person to be published during a judicial investigation. FETÖ organizes 40 years in the TSK and has incredible solidarity.

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