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Bim Current Products November 16th Catalogs


On November 16, the Bim Aktüel Ürünler catalog, which was carefully monitored by citizens, was announced. This week, many products meet customers at affordable prices.

Bim Aktüel Ürünleri especially this week, especially for children's products. There are many products such as baby carriage, baby monitor, toys. In addition, kitchen utensils will meet citizens.

Here are Bim Aktüel products on Friday November 16th

Baby carriage 149,90, baby monitor 149, yogurt machine 99,90, practical high chair 59,90, mini oven 39,90, mini plastic tools 19,90, mini city (18,50), princess mini kid (13, 90), child care sleepy (9.95), licensed baby in the rain (34.90); sleeping bag child (22.90), panduf baby (15.90); ladies' cotton quilts (14.90), child care bag (12.90), two licensed children (12.50); 2 baby napkins (12.50) with license, 4 baby napkins (6.50), drinking baby drinks (8.50), powelife plus steam iron (149), electric coffee machine (59.90) (59.90) fish 30cm (44.90), granite effect pan 28 cm (34.90), wooden lids (8.50), 2-apron license (8.50); baby bottle (6.50); baby bottle brush (2.95); nozzle (3.50), single-acting types of mini-phones (13.50), 6-round casserole (6.95), flexible plate (4.95), plastic container (2.95); One fork spoon knife (2.75), minimum sieve (1.50), trekking boots for men (49.90), trojan (24.90), 1000 for puzzle (17.90), 90)

Product features:

Infant Radio: Bidirectional Communication, Digital Platform: FHSS Technology, Out of Range Warning, Emotional LCD Icons: Sleeping or Crying, Rechargeable Batteries in Parent Unit (Included), Bottle Playback, Call Functions, 2.4 GHz Frequency

Baby pram: load capacity 15 kg, can be closed with fully closed wind, adjustable rear adjustment, brake system

Yogurt machine: 8-piece glass bowl of 180 ml capacity, adjustable temperature (20-55 degrees), timer (1-48 hours), power control and temperature indicator

Practical high chair: Age: 6/36 months, Maximum load capacity: 40 kg, Three-point seat belt

Mini stove: 1500 Watt, 3 quartz tubes, anti-roll safety device

PowerLife Plus Steam Iron GC2981 / 20: 35gr / min. continuous steam, 120 g shock steam, vertical steam outlet, water drip, cleaning powder, 2200 WATT, Steaglide pad

Electric coffee pot: 300 ml of water, 4 cups of coffee, overheating and dehydrating safety system

Bim Current Products November 16th Catalogs

Bim Current Products November 16th Catalogs

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