Friday , May 27 2022

Erdoğan Bıyık did not leave children and young people with diabetes alone


The event was organized by the Düzce Association for Children and Young Diabetes on 14th November on World Diabetes Day and MHP Düzce Mayor Erdoğan Bıyık attended the event. You must, diabetics collect garbage awareness to gain consciousness.

On November 14, the World Diabetes Day organized the Düzce Children's Diabetics Association. Duzce Children Young Diabetes Association President of the event. Dr. İlknur Arslanoğlu, members of the Association of Young Diabetics Düzce, candidate MHP Düzce, candidate Erdoğan Bıyık, children of Diabetes Disease and their families.

The village of Düzce was gathered in a perfect café. Cisterns were collected from the city park at Anitpark Square. The collection of the candidate of candidate MHP Düzce Býyka was also awarded.

The memorial group of the Düzce cyclists group was taken on a memorial photograph of the club members.

Evaluation of Býyík's activity: değerlendir We took part in an event organized to raise awareness of Diabetes Disease in Düzce. We collected garbage from the city park at Anitpark Square with children. The significance of such events is great, büyük said.

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