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Evidence of the termination of the dinosaurs has been found!

Scientists have uncovered new information about dinosaur eradication that lived millions of years ago.

According to a study by the University of Texas and published by PNAS, 66 million today, a 12-km-long soil destroyed 75% of the life on Earth and our planet.

It is thought that the Minorite fired over a large area of ​​1000 km and the tsunami infinite mass. It is estimated that the impact of a meteorite hit in Mexico by Yucatan Genosala is that the atomic bomb used in World War II is 10 billion times.

Scientists were conducting the study and the rock fragments extracted from the Gulf of Mexico, including the Yucatan Peninsula and the Shexalob Cutter, formed by the Mexican Impact.

He is thought to end many dinosaurs on the planet Earth, although the rest are unable to survive due to the events of the next environment. Scientists estimate that the Earth is growing faster due to the release of sulfur and preventing sunlight.

Professor Sean Gulick, a namesake researcher at the University of Texas, said, "The first moment was really weird with the effects of our effects. We thought we could see the details." Is used

Beginning with the 130-meter-cycle section of Hector Extract, Gulk said that after reading the Michaelis influence every day, Gulk says that 1000 years is reflected on the cycle of every 1 cm.

In the study, there is considerable sulfur in the rock around the rock, while in the geographical area the stones were not found at all, the meteorite effect on the propagation of sulfur was observed in this area.

It is thought that with the propagation of sulfur, the sun is closing and the world is rapidly becoming, so many living things, including dinosaurs, have lost their lives.

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