Wednesday , October 5 2022

Fetö's football structure: Arif Erdem will be asked


In the case of the football leg FETÖ, the court sent a file for the preparation of the opinion. It was decided to make the necessary correspondence for the return of former football player Arif Erd.

FETO's football rights of members of an armed terrorist organization accused criminals up to 15 years in jail if a lawsuit with former Ismail Demiriz Galatasaray and former national football players Arif Erd and Uğur Tütüneker in court proceedings. Istanbul 23. The High Criminal Court, the defendants at the hearing with the defendants, Ismail Demiriz and Uğur Tütüneker lawyers were present in the hall, while the fugitive Arif Erdem did not attend the hearing. Defendants Takaleker and Demiriz said they had repeated their previous defenses.

The court decided to send the case to the Public Prosecutor in order to prepare a standpoint on the merits. In the event that an opinion has been submitted between these subjects, it was decided that the views should be sent to the defendants and the lawyers of the case and had time to prepare their defense on the merits.

The court also ruled that correspondent Arif Erdem will decide on the correspondence required to issue the letter sent to the file by the Ministry of Justice of the Ministry of Justice and the transfer of the convicted.

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