Wednesday , August 17 2022

Last Minute: Miniature Flashlight from Albayrak! In December …


Finance and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak made an important statement at the 22nd International Trade Forum (IBF).

Minister Albayrak's most prominent speech is;

– Very strong figures come. In the process of balancing his name, we have not experienced any developments beyond our expectation. As we joined in 2019, we analyzed the macroeconomic indicators in detail and implemented our strategies accordingly. We will strengthen our real sector and the banking sector. Our second goal is our budget. The current surplus in October can be a record of all time. We are preparing a strategic map for food inflation.


– We will take the necessary measures to monitor the supply chain in agriculture and food products. In addition to the early warning system, we will best enforce state law. We will ensure the integration of our countries with the technological infrastructure of our country. We will support market creation. We will also have an important issue of inflation.

We will continue

– We will continue to fight with shareholders the best way. 3 out of 24 warehouses. Onion stored is not sold. We see that 200,000 tons of onions are held in anticipation of price increases. Control is in progress. We will never allow storage and opportunism. This will continue by increasing the active controls.

– The overall campaign The global inflation coup, announced in mid-October, is rising and growing stronger. In November and December, we will achieve a tight result of our inflation targets. We will also reduce the artificial impact on our country's prices. In the field, we started a follow-up process. Incoming signals indicate that this process is positive and that we will see it in November. In the past, we have left shocks and uncertainties.


– I'm following BRSA. Interest rates began to fall below 25 percent. I hope this trend will fall further in December. Market uncertainty and prices will continue to decline. A very positive November will be much more productive. The positive news that we have received from furniture and white goods, and even from the automotive industry, is pleased with us. We believe that the process of balancing the real sector will be a very important asset for the balancing process with strong real sector cooperation.

– We have begun to strengthen our confidence in the economy of our country. Turkey continues with its firm attitude on the road. We will continue to create strong liquidity to run on both international and domestic levels. In this process, Turkey will continue its policy of increasing the volume of trade in win-win. commerce trade with Turkey, are under our support and our assurance that all countries cooperate. How many winning countries are increasing every day. I strongly recommend to increase our cooperation.

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