Wednesday , October 5 2022

Neighbor Ahmet Kural told the story!


According to reports from Damla Kaya & Sabah, Singer Silla in Ahmet Kural was defeated by an incident during a house incident in a house in Ahmet Kural's house of confession. A witness named Hatice T. told the prosecutor that they were witnesses at night.


Hatice T. said: "I was in my friend's house in Zekerijaköy on October 28. I sat there late with my boyfriend. The house we were in was a villa and I knew the villa belonged to Ahmet Kural. and the man who quarreled and sometimes the woman was crying, we did not know it was Sila, and there were also different words of Ahmet Kural and we heard the vehicle in an hour, there was no wall between the two villas, the borders were only tall trees, so we did not see , what happened. "


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Witness, Mr. Hatice, went with his friend with this event. The correspondence of a friend Hatice T. in the range of 04.44-04.45 from Whatsaap "Doğukan, Ahmet Kural defeated the girl in his house, very bad if the police report so close to the sounds, I'm so afraid something will happen?" was understood.

Hatice T. did not call the police at the time of the incident, but the subject reflected in the press listened to the event that they understood that the Force was defeated.


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