Thursday , September 23 2021

Professor Dr. Rana Namak Scanel will be tried on drug traffickers of the National Cancer

Turkey's republic, a medicine, has come to mind that the person developed these efforts on the basis of fear in Turkey, for the first time in a history of destruction. The name of this consent by the Ministry of Health, the Professor of Professor of Bojzczeczy University. Dr. Rana Namak Sani. Sciences have cancer of many patients for cancer.

Professor Rana Namak started her studies in Sanani 2009. And in the result of evolution in 2017. A new invoice has been developed. Bloody study "We are taking curephropic medicines in the clinic that are fully reviewed and we are loading our monitoring in our monitoring, we write in tumor. We are currently using chemically symmetrical and chemically symmetric It is intended to take a swim. "

The biggest difference between this new drug-predictor and a pneumonia is the ability to turn off its goals. Examples of pregnancy candidates in the second half of pregnancy pregnant 2019 are tested. Professor Dr. "I am hoping," says Rana Namak Sanani. In this project, it will be more likely to be successful with investment.

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