Wednesday , September 28 2022

Sirin's big blow to women! "My father's lover, but he lay with my husband Women's Series 39. Look at the new episode trailer!


Women TV series Fox TV, Ozge Ozpirincci, Caner Cindoruk, Bennu Yildirimlar and Seray Kaya appeared on Thursday night on November 6. Shirin's sister, Bahar, in return for her revenge revenge immediately after the last part of Sarp & # 39; 's Women's 39th new episode trailer.

In episode 39, Shirin is shocked by the shock of Sarpa's wife Piril. Spring Sarp's phone sent a message to the mobile phone and the video suddenly decided. Piril realizes that his wife Sarp, in her own house with Sirin, goes to Sirina's house to deal with her evil. Shirin and Bahar parents are: "I am Sarpa's wife, I came to ask my daughters why she slept with my husband a few days ago, your daughter is also my father's lover, your daughter was with my father and also slept with my husband , "he said, pointing to the video taken by Sirin. Shirin's father dismissed his daughter from home and refused.

The women's series went to Sarpa Sirina for the bone marrow transplant, the spring's only way out, which gave her life and death in the final section. Sarp, who had begged Sirin in tears, asked him to give his brother to Bahar. Shirin pulled everyone out of the room and asked Sarp to take off. Shirin, who had been with Sarpa in exchange for revenge from his brother Bahar, shot what was happening. The joy to see Bahara on the hospital's face was short. Cute: "I should not let Sarpa have me," he said. He gave the tide Sirnak and Sarpa.

The last part of the female summary
It is wondering how Şirin & Sarp convinced Bahar. Although she is cute, she does everything to disturb Spring. Sarpınas thought he had a relationship with his brother, though it was the cause of the destruction of the spring while it was a step further. Concealing the fact that Sarp lived from Bahar, Arif had begun to break inside.

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