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Spain blames tycoon sexual assault

Spain's Placido Domingo, one of the world's most famous recruits, was accused of sexual harassment by nine women of various nationalities.

In an interview published by the US-based news agency Associated Press (AP), 8 opera artists and 1 ballerina claim to have been sexually abused by a reviewer by Posado Domingo.

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Talking about sexual harassment in the 1980s and 1990s, with the beginning of Spain's tirade, nine women said that Domingo was in constant contact with them at business meetings or business meetings.

Some women argued that they were told it was up to Domingo to claim their careers that they would both be banned from doing so.

Speaking of three women talking about a Spanish farmer talking in the lunchroom or in the hotel room, he said, "It's strange that someone is holding your hand on your arm or at a business lunch on your right. Hold on. Domingo always shines or kisses. " The phrase is used.

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On the other hand, Spanish-backed Placido Domingo, who sent a statement to the AP about the allegations, said the allegations against him were "not clear and specific". Domingo said the relations between men and women are very different today compared to today. "The quantities we drink and drink are very different from the past." Details found.

The Spanish tenor said he had good relations with women at that time. "People who know me or work with me know that I will not embarrass or hurt anyone." He said.

What is a Pulido Domingo?

The 78-year-old Poseido Domino, one of the most powerful voices in classical music in the world, has won numerous international honors and has performed more than 150 plays more than 4,000 times in his 50-year life.

Domingo is currently the director of the Los Angeles Opera in California.


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