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Stabilize – 2 –

The words that our bodies accept

Green apple It is full of polyphenols that strengthen the body's defenses.

Alzhemier provides protection against lutein.

It is rich in vitamins N, C and E as well as antioxidants.

Tea tea
This prevents the immune system from functioning more.

It provides anesthetic effect with the extract.

The shoe garden
Protective performance increases the diversity of healthy bacteria.

Green cabbage
It is full of vitamin C which supports immunity.

The blue
Uses 250 grams of blood every day to immune cells in the blood.

Contains genes that fight cancer.

Grape juice:
It is full of bioavailability and thus strengthens stability.

Dew Seeds:
Protect your heart with Ampeda 3 fatty audio content.

Using two drops a day reduces the risk of esophageal cancer.

Licensed routes:
Provides protection against viral infections.

Contains parasolic acid, protecting the health of the blood.

Black subject
The body's Super Soria ensures the production of T cells.

Thanks to vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system, it prevents the flu virus.

Sesame seeds
Fiber rich. Cholesterol is low, damaging the pathogenic bacteria.

It damages the pathogenic bacteria and strengthens the immune system.

It is rich in Vitamin C, Benedictine and many antioxidants.

Due to its rich fiber, it is very beneficial for heart health.

Carry Juice:
Increases interruptions that prevent the production of viruses.

Ellagic acid present in the immune system allows cancer cells to recognize it.

olive oil:
Contains an immunocompromising component such as acetic acid and oocyclone.

It has a lot of peptides that work on immune stimulation.

It contains a lot of alginalic acid that strengthens immunity.

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