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Tesla microchipped under her skin under her skin

Amy Diddy, a biotech enthusiast who adapts her body to technological products, shows video videos throughout the process.

The Amazon Dells Model 3 brand has installed all the features of a credit card-designed electronic check for a small medical chip used in car-related mobile phones. The xNT NFC chip, placed in biological glass and only 12 mm in size, was placed by the tattoo master on the bottom of his DMD right wrist.

However, this process raised some questions. Most people's views on the Internet are reviewed or not. Because the person who takes his cellphone with him but he carries his car home, he can open the car with a snap inside.

The method of use

The application of RFH chips, which do not require batting and which include a micro-antenna to a company employee, called Acconnect in Stockholm, Sweden, was the subject of controversy.

In August 2013, artist Artid Antonio Antonellis took the path with the RSSI chip to record and store art works on his smartphone.

In 2014, however, it was debated whether microchips had a treacherous plan to control society under the protection of life, such as the presence of missing children.

Tesla microchipped under her skin under her skin

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