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These words about HPM eyelash insurance!

Politics, 12.09.2019 00:06

Muharram Ennis, who was nominated to chair the chief PPP on June 24, responded to the criticism against him overnight on June 24 and responded to "Man Jat" in a live broadcast on Habib ürk TV.

I'm screwed one day, Katz has given me compassion

A little bit devoted that night, "The Citizen Been to Me, Not Ismail Kokkiakia," he said, admitting his error on the issue, but he said the debate had to end.


On the night of his election, he was kidnapped, threatened, al-Shuman, "insiders, who denied the rumors, said the rumors were deliberate:

Destiny's on the test!

"I was up at night, called a general and threatened. I kidnapped NATO troops from Tay Erdogan, kidnapped Afghan soldiers, took money, his wife was kidnapped, locked in a room." The scenario is – one of them is right.

You use it!

Something else pushed the button at night. That night there, the eyelashes wears are what we need to wear.

I got points before and after the party. See CEP's, see mine. After 40 years, we have increased by more than 30%. "

Create an iTunes Association SAPM?

"Citizenship was created in connection with the APP assassination," he questioned, "it's time to speak."

"I can be an idiot in 2023, is there anything he can do?"

On the other hand, on the expression "the Maltese people had a great hope", on the other, the Muharram ins, "will live again." Meet all over the place, fill the stories, there will be no confidential candidate. Do not worry. He said.

Interview, "2023, Are You a Presidential Candidate?" The question he posed was "Of course, you doubt it, is one today?"

"Will you be considered a Comcast?"

In the case of Imam al-Halewu's nomination, "Imam Imamolu is my friend, you can not get a word from him. I have a successful election period, his right is also my right, we will see. , There it is, I don't know "replied.

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