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Water was first found on the population

Today the atmosphere may be around 18-18 KgCopyright

The strooombin came into the water called K2-18b in a winter environment. Thus, the planet became a suitable candidate for the search for life outside the world.

New space telescopes are expected to investigate the presence of gases generated by geothermal emissions in the K18-18B atmosphere over the next 10 years.

The academic journal published details of the natural anomaly.

Giovanna Tinetti, a professor of research at the University College London (UCL), described the presence of water on the planet as "brainwashed":

"For the first time, we found water on a planet in a winter living area where it was the perfect breeze for survival.

The term "living area" is used on a planet adjacent to a star where the temperature is high enough to retain the liquid of water.

K2-18b, 111 light years away from the world which is 1 billion 46 million 73 thousand 600 km away. It is almost impossible to measure distance.

The new generation of space telescopes, which is planned to be used in 2020, is expected to increase the size of this distance. Now that's the way to wait for those binoculars.

Dr. Y.L. Indigo Waldman says the scale of a new generation of telescopes can be estimated by the fact that the gas produced by living organisms is not present in the atmosphere of these distant planets.

"The biggest question in science is, we have always wondered that we are alone in space. Over the next 10 years, we will find information about the presence of chemicals that can be traced to life in other environments."

Science and tourists say that the study of the planets using the Hubble Space Telescope between 2016 and 2017 showed that there were chemicals that could prove life with the changes as the planets rotated around their "sun". General Chat Chat Lounge

Only K2-18b had chemicals mixed in water. When done with computer modeling data, it is concluded that 50% of the planet's atmosphere can be water.

The planet is twice as big as the world. Temperatures range from 0 to 40 degrees Celsius.

A member of a research team "This incredibly interesting news gives us the answer to the basic question: is the world one?"


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New space telescopes give more detailed examination

However, there is no consensus among scientists about the extent to which evidence of life exists.

According to Professor Tinetti, examples from hundreds of different seats will be examined and how they came about:

"There is a remarkable planet in the solar system, there is oxygen, water and ozone. However, even though we find everything on one planet and look away at a star, we must be careful that it proves the existence of life."

"So we don't need to understand just a few seconds in a big bike, but there are hundreds of seconds. We expect the differences between the different seats, to be accommodative and unstable."

Speaking to the BBC, Edinburgh University's Dr. Bede Buller says that the evidence of life on a distant planet can be reached shortly.

"This is going to be a fundamental change for all of humanity. The home AES may not be home. Maybe we will find some experts and other simple living things. Even if it's just that, it's a big deal."

With the advent of the James Webb space telescope, NASA, several times in 2021, and 7 years after the arrival of the European Space Agency's ARL mission telescope, found more detailed search sets.

There are other good ones with water to date, but they were either too big or too hot to prevent life. Why and the small coins are hard to detect. The team at UCC has been successful in developing algorithms that can test the chemical sequence on the entire planet's environment.

In 2015, K2-18b was discovered by NASA's Kepler space exploration vehicle. Space Explorer, Tessus, is likely to explore other seats earlier in the years.

The research is funded by the European Research Council and the Science and Technology Services of the UK Council.

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